3000 IPTV Channels for KODI or VLC

Biggest IPTV list , it is huge , channels from all the world .


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  1. mark carlilse says

    9 channels you moron!!!!!! almost all youtubers use the same m3u and IT DOESNT WORK!!! STIP WASTING PEOPLE'S TIME!!!!!

  2. Supermonkey 1964 says

    What's happening with this list?…It started out being over 3,000 channels, then it dropped to 2,743 channels. This morning at 4am it was down to only 214 channels, right now it's back up to 973 channels. It's all over the place! Are they tweaking it to get rid of the channels that don't work? or what?

  3. Popcorn Shiner says

    There is a far better way of doing it and that is by using playlist loader
    installer, it works much faster than simple client trying to add all the
    channels. And you also can have you own lists as well. Simple and much

  4. Elior Dabush says

    Excellent work! Thanks!

  5. noryblo says

    brilliant! thanks!

  6. Supermonkey 1964 says

    Working very well. Thank you. 🙂

  7. patmyhead2 says

    how do i find the list of channels my build does not have a tv button

  8. Aussiejay says

    Thanks mate works good

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