After Kodi 17 Install * How to watch Movies * Install Addons -Exodus, Phoenix …

After Kodi 17 Install * How to watch Movies * Install Addons
– Exodus, Phoenix …

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  1. Mattbirch93 says

    Dude this doesn't even work

  2. Mario Barba says

    My Name is mario and I have follow your video on how to install Kodi 17.1
    But w
    Hen I get to the part of add a source like funsion some how it shows the my x96 is not connected to envy network
    How. Can I fix it Am using wifi . Should I plug in direct to my modem ?

  3. Preston Mcpherson says

    All things streaming tv I get an error when I did the fusion URL saying couldn't retrieve directory info this could be due to network not connected. Can u tell me what I need 2 do to fix it?

  4. Jose Navarro says

    Don't work for me.

  5. Lcc Imports USA says

    Hi there, didn't work for me. When i went to the add ons nd click fusion nothing happen. What do i have to do?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Bryan Clegg says

    It does not work at all

  7. Darryl Lovell says

    When I click on fusion at 4:51 I get nothing but the wheel spins then the screen goes right back to the same menu where I clicked on fusion!

  8. guayunai says

    Im getting a "Unable to connect" message. Couldn't retrieve directory information because it could be that my network isn't connected. Do I still add it?

  9. Blair Thandi says

    Doesn't work anymore. Do you have an updated URL to type in?

  10. NewVenari says always comes up with "could not retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected"

  11. Ese Philip says

    I always get error the fusion add on.

  12. Andrew Stevens says

    I copied what you said it don't work on this one I got in my hand no files are coming up

  13. Lucia Guerrero says

    Fusion not working for me:(.. any body else?

  14. Richard Briones says

    Fusion doesn't open. Please help

  15. Dj Lovelace says

    After I named it fusion and hit OK it now says couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add anyway

  16. Salvatore Garruto says

    How do I get rai 1 2 3 and also media set can you please show me

  17. Sandra Carlson says

    I can't find the set up, when I click on kodi it goes to the main screen where you pick movies, system, tools, etc.

  18. Jobie Queen says

    when i click fusion after adding a pop up says couldnt connect to network server. what should i do?

  19. T GW says

    Hi I got stuck at the part of trying to click on fusion to add it on. Nothing happened when I clicked on fusion. Please tell me how do I email you directly????Help?

  20. Jade Rivera says

    It isnt loading this add on

  21. Eryk Skubisz says

    I get some type of error when I type in the fusion URL, for some reason it doesn't work for me.

  22. Your Self says

    When trying to add "that tvaddon" link (fusion) I get the error: "unable to connect"…couldn't retrieve directory information 🙁

  23. Tarnesha Sapp says

    once I download Phoenix when I click on kodi Phoenix automatic opens and I want it to open where I can choose my other addons. please help me know how.

  24. Shakeerah Houchens says

    No files listed when downloaded

  25. Gevena milbry says

    I got far as putting in fusion,after that nothing happened

  26. Evelyn Torres says

    Once I entered the name fusion and clicked ok I got a message saying unable to connect to network. What did I do wrong?

  27. Evelyn Torres says

    when I get to the step where I go to install from zip file, I click on fusion but nothing happens. Also, Kodi doesn't show up in the file manager. What did I do wrong?

  28. Morgan Ortiz says

    What if you don't see "begin here" ? mine is blank

  29. tucamote says

    Fusion will not work

  30. Elijah K. says

    wats "xxx-adult"? 😂

  31. Gabriel Galindo says

    i have tried to add the link you gave but when i back out and try to access the link like instructed there is no files in the link i have double checked spelling and tried it multiple times can anyone help me

  32. paul wood says

    get upto 3.51 on the install then says" unable to connect, couldnt retrieve directory information. this could be due to the net work not been conected would you like to add it anyways" yes or no. typed in yes but when i go to zip file fusion it wont let me click ok what am i doing wrong please help

  33. T*Man Lee says

    Thank you man

  34. Jessica Landon says

    Ok after I go to install from zip file I don't get nothing under file bar to select anything! PLEASE HELP SOMEONE???

  35. Jaylon Allen says

    I am at 4.30 and I made add on but I am not able to get it from the install from zip file to the next step after this I'm stuck please ??????it's saying it's not connected but everything else is working

  36. Jennifer Kendrick says

    I used this about a month ago and it got me on the right track. Do you have a video about the screen being small and not being able to see all of the choices on the left side of the screen?

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