Bam SMS Interview on Worldwide IPTV

Welcome to Worldwide IPTV. Are you looking to get a job in today’s competitive Job Market, or have you ever wondered how to use social media to get the results you want, or have you ever asked yourself how important reputation management is.

In 2013, Social Media has established itself as thé most powerful marketing tool worldwide. For businesses, Social Media has become essential. Specialists at Bam Social Media Services team up with our customers to employ the most effective social media tactics to engage their audience.

Social Media is not growing. It is not booming. It is exploding!

A recent study amongst 3000 Marketing Directors shows that 53 percent of them started using Social Media as a Marketing tool in the last two years.

AND these marketeers place very high value on social media: A significant 86% indicate that social media is important for their business, up from 9% in 2009.

We can clearly state that for ANY business it has become unthinkable to plan and develop your business growth without using Social Media. And, as more and more companies become social, those who best engage will stand out.

Three qualities make BAM SMS stand out: First, they have a think-tank-team that daily develops exciting new ways to use tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. They create AND monitor the results of our social strategies for their customers.

Secondly, BAM SMS can service companies worldwide at a very competitive price and in many languages, And, the most important one: they are quite unique in their engagement: BAM SMS guarantee results: Their cooperation agreements include a Return On Marketing Investment clause, with milestones and a timing, they measure and report results. So, if someone invests one dollar in BAM SMS, they can be sure to get a lot of dollars back!

The BAM-SMS headquarters are based in Bangkok, Thailand. Their Social Media Specialists come from all over the world, and they expand the team to match their clients’ needs.

For more information on how to appear on Worldwide IPTV, or for us top produce your TV channel or video, visit our website or

Thank you for all watching, we look forward to seeing you again next time on Worldwide IPTV

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