BEST KODI ADDONS & SOURCES – AUGUST 2017 – KODI 16.1 Jarvis- Super Repo, Fusion, Ares, Merlin Wizard

Install ALL of the BEST SOURCES & ADDONS for KODI 16.1 Jarvis
NEW Wizard Installer (August 2017) by Cowboys Group

Simple One Click Wizard
Load all the best most popular Kodi Sources for you
Includes the top essential important repos
Easiest Method Ever

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PayPal Donation: **

Source Link for Wizard:

Kodi Repositories Includes:
Andy Repo
Ares Project
EPG Ninja
Fire Phantom IPTV
Fusion Box
Genie TV
Hallow TV
Helly Repo
Javi Team
Kodi Master Repo
Noobsandnerds (Community Repo / Total Repo)
Palco TV
Project Mr Network
Super Repo
Team Expat
The Vibe
UFO Repo
Vector Droid Repo
Viendo Kodi Streaming
XBMC repo

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  1. FrikStore Trailers says

    Hi! I liked the video!!! I want to share with you a premium program to rank all your videos with few clicks. You will get more money and more real viewers ? Unlock the content and get the instructions to use it! This is the program:

  2. Maurice Tyrelle says

    When I click on MetalKettles addon repo,I get a message saying Could not connect to repository

  3. 2953 1640 says

    Fusion group was taken to court and lost millions so all their direct sources were removed and no longer available. If anyone else has another link let me know, these vids are ok but useless if links are no longer valid, update or check your vid sources if most fail just remove video make new one

  4. Lee Cannon says

    Installed metalkettle but no sport

  5. James Wallace says

    You The

  6. Alfonso Marmolejos says

    It doesnt allow me to install the cowboy plugin

  7. Sam Estakhri says


  8. william gonzalez says

    The problem I am having is that my ADD SOURCE is not working…I click on it and nothing happens…please help I am using Kodi 16.1 Jarvis

  9. Rodger Robles says

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  10. James Erasmus says

    I dont trust these dodgy sources 'gary3dfx' like what the fork

  11. Peter Cruz says

    can't seem to get cowboysrepoinstaller to work.

  12. Paul Lawrence says

    Hi & thanks for your video
    I done the same as quantumreality. Got as far as the install of metalkettles repository. It didn't show in the list so I've done a search, it has come up with 2, Add-on repository-Metalkettles addon repository, Downloading. That's where it has seemed to have stopped? Just says 0% for downloading & nothing else.
    Does anyone know what this problem could be & some help with what I do next please.

  13. frankie delesline says

    Hey when I go to Cowboys Repo Installer I get "error check the log for more info". Can you help me with that?

  14. Robb Marrero says

    I uninstalled Kodi 17.1 cause it gave me shit. I reinstalled 16.1 and followed this to the T, after clicking MetalKettles, it stayed on working and that's it. What's wrong?

  15. nostalga51jo says

  16. ALeisHa eLLE says

    How long does it take to install the MetalKettles Add-on Repository? Seems like it's been loading forever. Is this normal?

  17. Waldemar Nunez says

    it wont let it install ….. says check the login for info ? how do i do that

  18. realist says

    there should be a google hangout panel for tech support

  19. Mr. Royale says

    what's the link. for the wizard. I can't find the damn thing

  20. QuantumReality says

    Well, long story, but had to do a fresh install of jarvis 16.1 . So I thought I would just get the apps I had installed in it before. no joy. so tried multiple other add-ons with no luck. running into all the problems people are explaining below. but, weirdly enough, this one worked for me. go figure. Thanks for the upload.

  21. GaNeko_ says

    ja Moin 😀 like haste save

  22. Jacqueline Kane Nelson says

    Sorry thank you for a great clear concise tutorial- I've never known how to do an add on once my build has been finished-so nicely done and thank you for that?

  23. Jacqueline Kane Nelson says

    Can you use for krypton ?

  24. renee p says

    voice so monotone

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