Breaking News – Roku shuts off illegal film and sports streaming

AutoNews- Roku is cracking down on illegal content.People who attempt to illegally watch sports matches, films and TV shows on Roku are set to have their shows cut off without warning.The manufacturer has said that it will shut down any channels that it believes are streaming illegal content.It follows a similar move by the Premier League which cut off streams for people illegally watching football matches on Kodi devices.Roku sticks and boxes allow you to watch digital programming on your TV.But cyber criminals are using the private channel functionality on the Roku operating system to get access to online streams illegally.The feature was originally meant to allow developers to test their channels ahead of sending to Roku’s channel store.Now, a warning will appear whenever someone creates a private channel.It reminds them that they use a channel to stream ‘only legal content,’ and warns that Roku can pull channels with illegal material ‘without prior notice.’It won’t, however, actively scan for piracy.The impact of the change in stance from Roku is already being felt, according to TechCrunch.One piracy channel iStreamItAll, which has been operating in a legally grey area, says it will remove support for the Roku platform in 2019.The move follows illegal broadcasts of the Premier League matches being cut of for many viewers.At least three paid for Internet Protocol Television Services (IPTV) are reported to have been affected.Kodi, Perfect Player and GSE IPTV are all believed to have been blocked, although more sites are likely to be targeted in the future.Reports from Torrent Freak suggest that one UK provider tried to change its domain name, in order to bypass the restrictions, believing they were on a blacklist.But their efforts proved fruitless, and they instead recommended that their users install Virtual Private Networks to get reconnected.The High Court issued the ‘blocking order’ in July to cut off online streams for people who are illegally watching Premier League football matches.Dubbed the ‘biggest ever crackdown’ on illegal streaming, the order will help the league intensify its crackdown on the illicit use of pre-loaded Kodi boxes and other illegal devices.The order means UK Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have to stop people illegally streaming matches.In the UK, you can only watch Premier League games legally on Sky Sports and BT Sport. Highlights can be seen on BBC Sport.In the 2016-17 season the Premier League obtained a similar order for the last two months of the season.Around 5,000 server IP addresses were blocked as a result.Speaking to the BBC at the time, Premier League Director of Legal Services Kevin Plumb said: ‘This blocking order is a game-changer in our efforts to tackle the supply and use of illicit streams of our content.’It will allow us to quickly and effectively block and disrupt the illegal broadcast of Premier League football via any means, including so called ‘pre-loaded Kodi boxes.’The league previously on

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  1. Larry Henderson says

    But a firestick instead

  2. The Chrislist says

    Further scaremongering its always saying stuff like, "going to, set too, want to" lol they never say, "will, have," Roku, kodi are only the tip of an expanding iceberg. They r scared rotten !


    Works as a great table weight

  4. David Lewis says

    Cut the music, can't hear you

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