CAN’T UPGRADE TO KODI 17.1, here is the Solution !! (2017)

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  1. Oscar Crazy says

    Hi so if i download ftmc16.1 I can download Krypton builds please get back to me ok.

  2. Andrea Hind says

    I've tried to download it and the message I get is, this site can't be reached and it might be down or moved permanently to a new web address.

  3. Bud D says

    another 7:36 minutes of my life ;(

  4. David Harte says

    download button on your site is dead

  5. Jared Otway says

    i cant install kodi17.3 on my k111 box, on google play it shows the update then i open it and it stays on 16.1 jarvis…any ideas??

  6. HT says

    Updated June 6, 2017 8:13pm EST

    Summary list of what i know so far (some could change and ill edit and add to it throughout the day).  Thanks to @Jean Mowberry from the Build Community for this info.  Please comment on this post with any updates.

    Make sure you share this list and please comment on the article if you have any updates!  

    Phoenix (closed)
    DOJO Streams (Closing)
    F.t.f.a (closed)
    Bamf (closed)
    Zem (closed live tv) (VOD available)
    Silent hunter (content moved to streamarmy)
    Deliverence (closed)
    Ccloud (speculation)
    Salts (speculation)
    One128 (closed)
    Reaper (closed)
    Cerburus (closed)
    BOB (issues with NAN site it's not closed)
    Zen (issues with NAN site it's not closed)
    Just for him (closed)
    Les be friends (closed)
    Mporn (closed)
    News12 (closed)
    Skynet ( being phased out) 
    Evolve (live tv and sport gone. Rest working)
    SRTVHUB (being taken over)
    UK Turks (Live Streams Taken Down)
    Vortex – From Rockcrusher on Twitter – @DreamWeaver0101 and myself are very saddened to announce that Vortex is now offline and will not be returning. Thanks for your support

  7. Calum Bowie says

    Nice tutorial for a alternative to those who don't or can't afford to upgrade there box. On visiting your site and going to the link for FTMC is returns a error This site cannot be reached. Can you update with a fresh link tia and keep up the great work.

  8. Peter Baptiste says

    its still saying unsuccessful download… need help

  9. Daniel Kelly says

    Once again you've provided an accurate helpful tutorial. This is where I go when I need help and you never let me down. Thanks for everything. Cheers

  10. Geoff Howlett says

    I run Kodi 16.1 on a Windows 8.1 laptop. Krypton won't work. Will FTMC run on Windows 8.1? Many Thanks.

  11. Haydn Maxwell says

    Hi just subscribe. Tried your link for the ftmc. But does not work. Help Please

  12. Larry Mestas says

    Trick is to stop what ever version you have before you upgrade.

  13. Virgil Todor says

    You could also install SPMC from the playstore and change the skin to Confluence … Very easy

  14. The Wizard's Pit Larry Siegfried says

    well that idea didn't work, I think I'll have to try D/L it directly to my box. Do I need to remove Kodi or can they run parallel?

  15. The Wizard's Pit Larry Siegfried says

    thanks it's working now:) I D/L it to a Micro SD card and will give it a go installing it to my box Thanks again

  16. The Wizard's Pit Larry Siegfried says

    You LQQK fine.. but the Download button still does not work? 🙁 any ideas..? Do you have another link

  17. Froggylover 60 says

    Glad you finally are in the videos!!!!

  18. linda wilson says

    Do you have to uninstall Kodi first and are the addons automatically on FTMC? Thank you

  19. steve whitmill says

    can you put a krypton build onto ftmc

  20. LIZ ENAHOROH says

    Lol you look like retired cop

  21. James Nevamind says

    thank you bro worked like a dream and the tv addons build works perfect ????

  22. Neil Hagel says

    cheers squiffy great talk through on ftmc good to put a face to the voice ?

  23. Delanio Porter says

    I got the apk from top tutorials and it works great.

  24. MrGixxermartin says

    so do i add builds as i would with kodi?
    great vid

  25. john mcconkey says

    can i run this alongside spmc

  26. Paul Murphy says

    I put this on box last week from toptutorials works great

  27. Linda Flaherty says

    I had kodi Jarvis on my phone & tablet but wasn't capatable as I have Android so couldn't upgrade to krypton 17.1, plus I'm not buying new tablet for a free app, don't get me wrong, I was gutted & would not delete kodi even though it was empty. I heard about SPMC so I downloaded it, I put the Wookie build lite on it & I love it. Iv got my favorite tv shows back & if anything I think it runs better. So pls if like me you miss your kodi 16.1 there are forks out there that are just as good. I'm over the moon with mine, good luck.

  28. sticky59 says

    Many thanks for this….got the wifes T8 box running Kitkat 4.4 sorted out and can now see alot more HD feeds available.

  29. YourTheDoctor says

    I install Kodi through a plugin wizard so that I can network my installs. But this requires windows and a host. I can make any changes necessary that I see fit. I would like to use Kodi 17.1 but it doesn't accept my install, it resorts back to the Kodi 17.1 default after a second boot and disables all the addons.. I'm using Kodi 16.1 and in order for me to update for https I have to be on SPMC, which I don't have a problem with, but I would like to have Kodi 17.1. What can I do so it doesn't default back after the install on a second boot.

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