EXODUS not working? Use this Instead Top KODI Movie Add-on NOT CLOSING (2017)

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  1. Nerissa Witcher says

    Yeah this fixed mine!!!!

  2. Bob K says

    BullCrap! Maverick is a piece of shit and server is down!

  3. Lisa Williams says

    When I click “0k “ to add the file nothing happens everything is spelled correctly and I have a very good internet signal

  4. The Host says

    Do I need a hard line connection or can I do all this with a WiFi connection? As of now I can't install maverick or exodus bc it keeps saying I don't have a connection even tho I've checked my WiFi and it's working correctly. Please someone help me I've been doing this shit for 3 hours already. It's almost worth paying a $300 cable bill bc this shit is annoying af.

  5. Vladimír Kurfiřt says

    not working

  6. Miles Knaus says

    i like how he wastes so much time talking just to get his video to ten minutes

  7. kristoffer nilsson says

    fusion no longer works

  8. Gazoutdoors says

    it wont install

  9. JaimeStylez says

    Got it installed, now when I go to play something it tells me "one or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message" 🙁

  10. Chuck Kotzer says

    Thanks – Well Done!

  11. Enjoy football movie HD says


  12. Violatorz says

    Thanks for updates on add oms that actually work. Other people out here posting just to post but with no genuine results. Your appreciated!

  13. Shoham Berrebi says

    thanksss!! (it work to me)

  14. sweetangiegirl1 says

    Aliens and Underworld

  15. Black Stallion says


  16. Jim Lahey says

    Get to the fucking point faggot.

  17. Olan Nelson, JR says

    don't got time for the bill shit! You talk too fucking much!!

  18. Hard Sound says

    thanks it works

  19. Kareem Tillery says

    I tried it but I still get no movies no nothing

  20. Gabriel Powery says

    The Grand Budapest Hotel.

  21. Jason R says

    Favorite Movie: Quigley Down Under

  22. Annel Carmona says

    can u watch exodus on here

  23. Papa G says

    so many replies to review…Maverick loaded although movies will not play? any ideas?

  24. matthew norris says

    why do you chat so much shit, jiust give me the guide , i dont wanna know about you or your fave movies and shit jeezus christ

  25. Al D says

    Installed ok with good picture quality but none of the streams have any sound


    not working…do I have to reinstall?

  27. Austin Birks says

    Everytime i try to watch a movie from the "maverick tv" add-on, it says "Maverick tv is trying to find your link-" Then says "Playback failed: one or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message." **Help**

  28. Ralph Quaglia says

    this isnt working and facebook pages are unavailable

  29. Jahred King says

    Hey guys! I'm currently using this add on called Bubbles and it's working great! Exodus and Specto failed me ?

  30. Michael Digiovangiacomo says

    Please just get to the content.

  31. Douglas Wordingham says

    hi watched avatar in ultra , then watched a 2017 film half way through it stopped went to films when went to film wouldn't load emptied cache , nothing , pulled plug on net , emptied cache again and it worked , seems to fill cache after one film .

  32. Isaac Sandoval says

    Get to the point Exodus links are not 100% working. some do some don't .

    Secondly , Showbow and Terrarium TV are fully working. But these two are "Apps" you need to install to fire stick or Android TV. These are not add-ons.

    I like your explanation and accent thumbs up bro . But mostly people are here for the quick setup not some guy just talking ad talking lol. sorry.
    Third, for Live Sports try "ZUNOX" on sportsdevil for good links. don't use firstrowsports or the other crap.

    peace out

    adios amigos

  33. YoHomieNinja says

    Thx ??

  34. lee johnson says

    Could not connect to repository? ?

  35. Gregory Pacheco says

    As of today things seem to be running better!More 1080 and 720 feeds are available on the same movies i tried to open a few days ago!

  36. mally54321 says

    Great link worked first time and I'm no pro !! Highly recommend the channel too !! Subscribed ?

  37. LAURA PERRY Bond says

    brotherhood of the wolf

  38. Chuma Lama says

    fair enough

  39. Chuma Lama says

    why is this faggot telling us his favourite movies i thought he was going to show how to get exodus working. thanks fuck-tard

  40. Joseph Yamin says

    Love it

  41. Kevin Zent says

    The original Day the Earth Stood Still is my favorite, thanks for the video

  42. Brett Logan Jr. says

    not all movies play but some do, tried setting up for a friend I don't know why but http://fusion.tvaddons.ag won't work

  43. Stjepan Bastic says

    This doesnt work also.

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