Tired of high cable/satellite prices? Fubo TV can help.

Check out Fubo TV:

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  1. Keven Rios says

    Solo man how many streams do you get?

  2. Howard Anthony says

    Not worth It to me. I dont like the layout, and for what channels they offer there are more packages available for a better price. Maybe for the spanish etc, would be nice for those looking for that.

  3. Carolyn Best says

    where do you get your internet connection to connect to the fubu app?

  4. DawgzofWar says

    All of these streaming services are way overpriced. If any I might do sling and that’s a push

  5. Bzynurse says

    use VIP TV which is live tv service with over 900 channels in HD/SD and thousands of video on demand movies and tv shows,with out any long term contracts,no credit checks,pay as you go,you can use this service on 5 different devices that has access to the internet,for the small monthly fee of $39 to start and $39 a month,you can check it out for your self by vising
    I hope this information can help those who are tired of paying the high cost of cable and satelite each month
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  6. Keith Steward says

    $34 a month!….You are on some serious drugs.

  7. OG 17 Exclusive says

    This shit doesn't work bro stop ✋ lying ? the fucking signal gets cut off plus when you cancel it they charge you $1 dollar just to cancel the 7 day free trial

  8. Ken Mcmaster says


  9. Miss Collins Collins says

    It cost

  10. Lawrence Rogers says

    can you play the CSN sports

  11. Shane Davies says

    Brilliant Soloman, can you record and what's the best way to do it? Thanks?

  12. Craig Long says

    Chrome can't provide a secure connection with that link.

  13. Howard Anthony says

    Solo man what box are you showing that on.

  14. matt F says

    they can help by helping me miss live NHL and NBA games which is msg network.. not worth a savings on $7

  15. Jose Valdez says

    Hey Soloman . Need to know best addon for boxing and wrestling live pay per view. Thank you and all of this is good stuff. Thank you again

  16. taurusking5180 says

    it's great you trying to show what's available out there but you should start your video by saying that it's a paid service FROM THE BEGINNING so those who are NOT looking to pay for tv don't waste their time watching videos like this one.

  17. Sylvia Fisher says


  18. Azhar Hussain says

    Solo Man. Please stop promoting apps that have to be paid for. It don't benefit us, it benefits you with the views that you have on your videos and for promoting other companies. Your old videos were much better if you get the hint. Take care!

  19. Nelson DeJesus says

    Fubo TV sucks. Had for a month n was a complete waste

  20. Rax Shueisha says

    Totally disagree with the title of this video. This is not an option YET to fire your cable company. Someone that has tested this streaming service the latest 6 months is telling you this.

    Besides the fact, they are still on "beta phase" (as you can verify in their logo app for android & Roku), either their support as their skills to solve the streaming service problems, really sucks!

    Along the 6 months (and counting) I've tested this service, have suffered of every kind of problems that probably could have a streaming service like this (eg. audio and video out of sync, buffering issues, blurred image, channels broadcasted in SD rather than HD (and this for months), login issues (a problem that remains until this day on their Roku app), DVR problems, TV-Guide problems, updates that are actually downgrades, etc.)

    Guess I could even get tired of telling how bad this service is. I hired this since I love soccer (especially La Liga and the Premier) and the latino channels they offer. But unfortunately after months of issues, messages and mails exchanged with their support, claims and offers unaccomplished, has been revealed that their incapacity to fix their service problems is a mix of incompetence and the kind of staff they hire.

    So @ the end, the user finish disappointed for their quality service. Hopefully one day they will be able to finally fix their issues, because what they offer, especially for all soccer fans out there, would be really worthy! (Just my ¢5 on this story!) :/

  21. Olga Dinis says

    is watching modbro illegal? considering its free …

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