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  1. jpthsd says

    $50 for limited channels ???? You can sign up for Spectrum $111 + tax, gov. fee = $120. you get everything + premium channel HBO, Cinemax, Showtime.

    I don't like spectrum because the upload speed so slow! like 5 Mbps,,recently heard they upgraded upload speed to 10Mbps.

  2. Official Arieane says

    What if you're just looking for basic networks like A and E for the walking dead and HGTV and Bravo?


    Is this another thing that only works in america-i was thinking of buying this but a friend told me not to waste my money as sky can block the signal in the uk-is this right?

  4. B. S says

    This is the only company I’ve seen have the MSG network.. I want to watch my knicks but not for $50 a month! The MSG channel would be the only channel I watch on this!

  5. Peace A says

    I would get this service if they had a customer service number. I like to be able to talk to someone. Sometimes you may have an issue logging in and need to talk to customer service.

  6. Kol Daci says

    What kind equipment we need for this TV thanks

  7. deb patterson says

    Tried YouTube TV even though it says Chicago is my area, I'm close to Kankakee very far south.As for CW which was channel 9 WGN for year's it just changed in Illinois to CW 50 which in the day is WPWR Gary Indiana which the CW in California didn't tell anyone in 2016 I called and complained there finally a year and a half later saying the new CW 50 and setting your DVR is a joke because it doesn't recognize the channel on Supernatural I had CWe which is probably outta my area and said I didn't have channel I deleted set it again and it said all channels well that will record all reruns from TNT so I finally set it for S13 this the only reason I'm afraid to give up my direct TV at 53.99+tax I'm getting locals and Syfy and USA pretty much all but movie channels and that's okay because FX usually has something about 2yrs old. I was getting myself a Christmas present and renting a movie but I saw how much taxes are added so I'll skip that. So the sling TV is probably better for me. I just need a device with more HDMI ports and RCA connection port's I have a Bose non wireless system that door is broken and Vizio TV needs a converter box because smart TV doesn't have tuner after I figure out how to get all connected I'll be okay and maybe down the line YouTube will work on a bigger area.Thanks

  8. deb patterson says

    The stations need to be listed for people not interested in sports! Like TNT USA Syfy and locals,sling TV has everything except locals. Locals you may get with a antenna? Some you can have app on tablet or smart phone & cast to TV

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