Golden-Cowboys [Add-On] w/REPO “Formerly IPTV Cowboys on KODI” | Review + How to Install?

UPDATE: 11th July, 2016 v2.0| IPTV Cowboys now known as Golden-Cowboys!

It provides IPTV, PPV, Adult and much more, but I’m sketchy on how long it’ll work. How good is it really? Watch this video, as I tell you my thoughts on it. Please observe the installation guide below, as it may contain changes that the video above doesn’t show. -Caz-

Disclaimer: When this video was made, it was named “IPTV Cowboys”, but in it’s recent update the channel listing improved!

” / ” (used as the word “THEN” e.g. SYSTEMS/FILE MANAGER = Systems then File Manager).
Steps Listed as “Only KODI 17+” does not apply to KODI versions prior.
Installation Guides:


Method 1:

1) Go to File Manager (Folder icon to the bottom next to Gear & Star icons )
2) Select “Add Source”/ where is says “None” click Enter/ Add Source Link ” ” / Click “DONE”
3) Go down one time to the “Name Source” Section and Enter “.CAZ” (Dot will put name to the top of source listing)
4) Exit File Manager (Go back to Home Screen)
5) Go to System/ Add-Ons -OR- (Only KODI 17+): Go to Add- Ons/ Go to Add-On Settings ** Gear icon (in Add-Ons Tab) **
6) (Only KODI 17+) Configure Add On Settings to “Expert” or “Advanced” (Not Basic or Standard)
7) (Only KODI 17+) Exit Add- On Settings/ Enter “Download Area” in Add- Ons Section **( Box with Downward Arrow) **
8) Install from Zip file **(If Message “Unknown Source Disable” comes up, please revert to Step 5 & 6) **
9) Select “.CAZ”/ /
10) Install from Repository/ Simply Caz Repo/ Video Add Ons/ Golden-Cowboys / Install

**FOR BUILDS: On Android Boxes, you will have to manually Force Stop Kodi by going into the exterior settings: Press “Home/House Button”/Settings/ APPS/ KODI/ Force Stop**
1st YouTube Channel (Caz Wallace):
2nd YouTube Channel (Simply Caz):
Facebook PAGE:
Instagram: Caz_Wallace
Twitter: Caz_Wallace
SnapChat: Caz_Wallace
(Username Caz Wallace)
TwitchTV: GeneraSlim
PSN: GeneraSlim

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  1. Thrasher 41210 says

    best addons ever for Spanish peopel

  2. urgirlie22 says

    not working

  3. Dresdan PI says

    Nothing in your repo mate. The addon isn't there.

  4. Martha Montero says

    not work

  5. Jermaine Anthony says

    There is nothing in the repl

  6. VeganCatsShaunTrikru says

    I still use IPTV Cowboys cause the new one doesn't have BBC America but the old one does so I didn't update

  7. 505 Burquelobo says

    thank you there is a link IN WINDOWS for THE IPTV COWBOYS but I'm trying to get it on Amazon firestick

  8. 505 Burquelobo says

    nothing works

  9. Cse Se says

    adult category password please

  10. Bill Davenport says

    works good but boots you off after 20 min

  11. Patrick Gilligan says

    hi caz i agree with your comment about very little works, but i cant understand the preoccupation with stand alone iptv addons as there are many addons which have iptv to a lesser extent and mobdro while not great quality has a boatload of free channels i would much prefer dev`s to concentrate on shows/films and sports maybe in collaboration?

  12. Victor Armenta says

    My said bad or missing serial number sucks

  13. Kenneth Frierson says

    down already….

  14. bogdan victor says

    yesterday worked almost everything like all the hbo s ,now it goes authorization failed

  15. HamRadio W8DBZ says

    It keeps telling me authorization failed.

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