How to Install Exodus on Kodi v17 – Krypton (NVIDIA Shield TV)

This is a quick installation guide on Exodus for the latest version of Kodi Krypton v17. I’m installing this on Android TV with the NVIDIA Shield TV. Fusion Source:

John Vallis – Speed
Licensed under Creative
Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. Sufyan Patel says

    Hi thanks for the video. How can i watch sky sports and bt sport?

  2. Javier Stephens Sr says

    Quick question after I give the file a name fusion then press OK I get a error message that says . Unable to connect, couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway. What douse this message mean and should I add it ?

  3. OriginallyMe26 says

    Hi, I just got Nvidia Shield and when I go to type the url(fusion) it tells me “unable to connect” why is that ? What should I do? I also tried “ares-repos” and same thing.

  4. Kevin Perkins says

    didn't work… those files in the in the fusion folder didn't pop up…

  5. Thang Nguyen says

    After entering the fusion link and naming folder fusion. I get an "unable to connect" pop up box with the description "couldn't retrieve directory information etc…."

    What did I miss?

  6. lewis says

    hey I have added the fusion source and entered the address correctly but when I install from zip file there's nothing in the file. I have also allowed unknown sources in the add on settings. can anyone help??..

  7. teb Interiors Inc. says

    Hey there. Great video. I am very new to all thus so bare with me. When I get to the step off adding the initial fusion source. It says connotation connect to the network.

  8. Maamria Tarek says

    hi,please can you help me? when I have got a problem in exodus when I'm trainig to install which botton can I touch to execute( install) by remote control or by controller? think you

  9. Solé Con says

    Ugh failed to install 😧

  10. Noah Tepperman says

    I keep getting an error: "Exodus Repository – Could not connect to repository."

  11. JD Transport says

    Very helpful. Thank you fellow Irish man. 😉

  12. Alvaro hb says

    funciono perfectamente para mi ! gracias !

  13. Pest says

    i got right up to the "click on fusion" part and the file is empty ?

  14. MAXRIOT Music says

    thanks for this video. it is so much simpler than I had thought it to be.

  15. mohsen yazdani says

    hi do you the device support kodi 64 bit or no?

  16. John Jones says

    I keep getting a error message

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