KODI 14.0 Helix with TVAddons ADDONS & IPTV (January 2015 )

Install KODI 14.0 Helix with ADDONS Updated ( January 2015 )

This is a guide to install KODI 14.0 from the start and add the fusion repo to install and setup major addons such 1channel and icefilm and projectfree tv and more

Also how you can unblock them using the unblock urls.

The TVAddons fusion repo url is :-

check out my website for the rest of the unblocked url husham.com

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. #teamhusham

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  1. no no says

    when i type in the stuff for fusion as the add on it says something about network issues ?

  2. Alexandra Dejesus says

    u need to do one with the problem i have to clear the data so my mbox can restart my kodi ugh

  3. scoobs bdoo says

    Husham….man I need gotham 13.2 or helix 14.2 for my old apple tv2. I have looked all over and cant find it.
    Any ideas?

  4. Jason Yacoub says

    Husham in in U.S.A and Shahid is not working how do i uninstall and reinstall a working Shahid

  5. Teck Luv says

    thanks Brother !

  6. Dylan Jacobson says

    hey man I just bought a digi box and add all the add ons with it and I saw this video and I downloaded fusion and it changed my whole background and everything, it now has the same add ons or a few different ones but now a few of them are not working , I'm guessing it's becuse of the url. is this the latest and why is fusion better then what I had? I think my configure was digi wizzard. ?

  7. Sanglenon Non says

    this has to be one of the most complicated programs and one of the worst ways of watching  tv.

  8. Mark G says

    fantastic tutorial and website, many thanks

  9. john nash says

    Husham thank you for all your help.My friend just shake it of you have helped a lot us do a lot.just get back an help us people has you said what's wrong with Husham repo.chat soon my friend God bless an take care

  10. Antonio DaLomba, Jr says

    very informative!

  11. Amine Ghenai says

    When I install and open and use Config wizard, it tells me Script Error, why ?

  12. KizsaHD says

    Thanks helped me a lot!

  13. Robert Albania says

    Thank you Husham. Very Helpful video

  14. Cathal McGlinchey says

    can i add on more than 1 p3u play list url. I want both the sports and the english?

  15. David White says

    Hi Husham I am getting script error on iptv any ideas.

  16. shoeprano27 says

    can i alsp install other repos like superepo, etc on top of this?

  17. Lou Jolley says

    Thank you Hasham. This was most helpful.

  18. chris black says

    How do I get it off can u help ?

  19. chris black says

    I have a search error no results image in a box visible on my screen when watching on kodi

  20. Irene T. says

    it says: import not found , when im selecting windows! what should i do ?

  21. Metin Bulbul says

    Could you please show/tell how to watch Turkish tv through Lodi thanks

  22. Sukhraj Singh Bal says

    Where on your website is all the most upto date tv addon links. Can't seem to locate the list


  23. David Harms says

    Husham Memar is tried the hd movie one and it said could not retrieve directery information

  24. Khaled Almutiri says

    سلام عليكم اخوي هشام كيف افتح قنوات  osn and mbc hd على kodi iptv  شكرا جزيلا لك 

  25. Gil Gil says

    Hi Husham , really thanks for your tutorial , but i have a small question , you think is possible with kody view sky italy or messiest premium ?


  26. John Foreman says

    when viewing with a Pi, can my internet provider bust me for viewing 'questionable content'?  And if so, do you have a video on how to connect thru a vpn?

  27. Husham Memar says

    KODI 14.0 Helix with TVAddons ADDONS & IPTV (January 2015 )

  28. randleqgod says

    this shit is amazing on the fire tv.

  29. Osama Mohamed says

    hi, tnx for the video, its very helpful. Im wondering, if you want to have several url in iptv, like sports and arab tv, how do you do it? i want to choose 3-4 different links. Thanks for ur help!

  30. maxy2k06 says

    Says cannot find server when changing primewire unblocked on custom domain?

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