Kodi iptv New list 2016 more than 2000 Channels Weekly updated list of iptv Channels

This tutorial is about how to set iptv For kodi. Along with our own iptv list 2016 with 2000+ Channels. A lot of channels from all over the world in our subscribers weekly updated ipvt list for kodi 2016

List Updated 27.05.2016
(For all the future updates and dates Please Check the )

This list is free For our Channel Subscribers. In order to get the list, After watching the video hit thumbs up, Subscribe to channel ( In Case you are not already subscriber ( Hidden subscriptions which can not be checked will considered as not subscribed)) and Send me a Private Message with TITLE : ” Subscriber IPTV LIST”

This list is auto updated every week by our channel staff, so you will have working channels whole time

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  1. ben amine says

    hello how ican get this link…. thank you

  2. sameera kariyawasam says

    Nice.. i want also..

  3. Macktube X says

    Can you save these channels to favorites so you can access them instantly next time or do you have to sort through each channel every time to get the one you want?

  4. Shawqy Jassim says

    i sent a message and still waiting for the list

  5. doug pierce says

    Subscriber IPTV

  6. Will Castillo E says

    Thanks for the tutorials , nice job! …

  7. Redjo Osmani says

    hallo. ich habe dir 3-4 mall privat messages geschickt.ich warte für die Liste. hast du kein Lust oder was..

  8. prikljucak says

    there is no option for message here

  9. Amzzakay Dima says

    Subscriber IPTV LIST"

  10. El Mati says

    bro i love kodi! liked and suscribed

  11. Opa de Vries says

    " Subscriber IPTV LIST"

    please sent me list

  12. GinaE1210 says

    There is no about on this video

  13. Nayef Al baloshi says

    Subscriber IPTV LIST

  14. SneakyBoyQuinn05 says

    Looks amazing…love your work buddy….esp if you continue to keep up to date…..a tv saviour is what you should be called….as i have tried so many of these but they all keep crashing or dropping links


    where do I pm you its not clear

  16. Driss Hassib says

    thank you,it's very nice !!!

  17. shady slim says

    can you send me a list thanx again

  18. shady slim says

    Subscriber IPTV LIST

  19. Jtcoolninja says

    how do i send private message

  20. Danny James says

    how can I send you a private message

  21. salmino henry says

    done send me list

  22. Kodi tutorials says

    List updated 15.05.2016 A lot more Ex yu channels added. ( sport clubs (all of them ) and more )

    Few old channels disconnect after some time ( server overload ) it will get fixed during next few day with new sources

  23. RuedasLocas says

    Awesome, great job Kodi tutorials 😉

  24. Tomislav Matić says

    I sent you a private message and I have not yet received a response. Thanks in advance.

  25. ProBot says

    done sent me iptb

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