News 12 KODI IPTV Addon – Watch News12 online via kodi in Firestick, PC, MAC

Here you got the news 12 KODI Addon is now public from my repo.
Thank you to everyone that supported me to keep this addon live and to continue working on it and to make more add-ons.

watch news 12 online via kodi with this addon for free:)
I started this project 3 or 4 years ago to give you guys a good addon for news 12. 🙂

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  1. Louis Laszlo says

    Works great!

  2. JAMES ZOND says

    everything went smooth except for one problem I have no audio and it's only happening with the News12 addon im using a durex build and im using FTMC 16.1 so there may be some kind of conflict I have not figured it out yet

  3. Robert Ricardo says

    Husham … miss your Husham add-on wizard. Please come back

  4. Ron Doerfert says

    Great video ? ? ??

  5. 1LOVE LFC says


  6. Susan Patlak says

    News 12 is the bomb thank you boo!

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