The new Placenta Addon one of the best addons for kodi; this is the official replacement for Covenant which was a fork of exodus. This new addon is comparable to Bob Unleashed, Neptune Rising, and Elysium.. just to name a few. This addon allows you to watch free hd tv shows as well as movies.

This can be installed on any device that has Kod: amazon firestick, fire tv, Nvidia Shield, MiBox, PC, Mac, Linux.



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  1. Lourda O'Hara Lambert says

    Blamo url down have you got another one ? ☺️

  2. sebastian johnson says

    Dead link

  3. gallantentry says

    Link for add-on does not work

  4. wg Davis says

    I have two questions for Triple M & the Group; 1- When I was running the Wookie Build, I had good
    success with the"Specto" add-on.. I would like to add this to my KODI 17.6, I do not know the URL..
    2- I have seen a couple of add-ons the FireStick Remote that allows one to Control one's TV.. One is
    an replacement for the Battery cover; others clip on to the side of the FireStick.. Which is the better
    one and/or better deal for one's money?? Thx. W.G.

  5. linda burns says

    Where do I find the blue screen shown at 1.06.I cant find it.Running 17.6. Thanks

  6. Meh says

    4 weeks later and does not connect…..😐

  7. George Ramirez says

    Looks like the source is no longer active. Time for an update video if there is a new source.

  8. Ursula Frazier says

    Not working for me, only thing comes up is pin

  9. MrVideoyoulike says

    Does not work

  10. Jen Gersch says


  11. Mr. Hyde says

    Placenta? lol they must be running out of names for these

  12. E.L Smith II says

    Does it work on kodi 17.1?

  13. ItzBuffy916 says

    Zip file is missing

  14. Zander13 Automotive says

    cant get this one to work

  15. JonMichael Yamamoto says

    Blamo.Teverz says unable to connect… any help?

  16. BigTiki007 says

    blamo/teverz is having issues, got another source?

  17. Maurice Thomas says

    Placenta not working is there a up date?

  18. Enrique Olvera says

    Cool man! Any sport ones?

  19. john thompson says

    great vid and easy step by step instructions for non techies like myself, quick question iv tried adding to library but as it goes back to the top of the page every time you add a film it gets tedious and annoying unlike add to favourites, iv found where the library is stored but i cant seem to find where the favourites list is so any help would be appreciated

  20. Lindsay W. says

    This is way better than Covenant!! I can’t believe how fast movies are loading and I’ve been able to find streams for movies Covenant couldn’t. Thank you!

  21. Gary B. says

    Thanks for the Vid

  22. Jamaican B says

    Keep up the good work👍

  23. Jason Woodroof says

    Keep up the good work well done

  24. Olga Colon says

    If you have two New in Jodi? How do you get take one out?

  25. MSCLOVER CT says

    Something funny happened to me I was trying to watch the post with Streep and Hanks and I saw a movie it was actually called the post man. It turned out to be a half way decent movie but a bit crazy. I watched the all of it, it showed in 720. I really just wanted to watch a movie smile. Thanks again.

  26. MSCLOVER CT says

    Thanks for this video, it works good. Just one question what do i set my box to keep it from buffering so much. I'm running kodi 17.4.

  27. john garrett says

    Best new addons Thanks

  28. King Roc says

    Nothing new is streaming
    Proud Mary
    Den of thieves
    Molly games
    I cant get none to play its juss like exodus

  29. Nathaniel Purdy says

    It keeps telling me there is no streams

  30. Nickey Black says

    It's working pretty good right now. Thanks a lot. Salute

  31. Adiadi5 says

    Very helpful. Just subscribed. thanks!!

  32. stephen barton says

    Great addon great video buddy
    👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  33. HIRAN CRUZ says

    Will this work with warlock ?

  34. Arpit Singh says

    Great video bro

  35. Gregory says

    Like the add on, menu options are great, thank you,

  36. Kodi Best Build says

    Great kodi addon

  37. David McClintock says


  38. lobo malo says

    thanks Triple M for your videos

  39. Eddie DeVaughn says

    awesome! thanks!

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