Robin Hood People Lists 2.0 IPTV addon – XBMC / KODI – complete how to install

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Robin Hood People Lists 2.0 IPTV addon – XBMC / KODI – complete how to install

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This is a complete guide to install the robin hood addon or make sure you update it to the new version 2.0

you can follow steps here if you like

This addon is the new updated version for the people lists and it has more features then before and more things that everyone can enjoy

This guide will show you how to install it using the metlekettle repo and there is steps inside the guide as well

Metal Kettle repo url

Alternative repo

Also below is the url for you to download manually if you like
you will need to download from the below link

Please give your thanks to the shadow crew for updating this nice add-on and for the people commitments to help each other and communities that will grow more and more 🙂

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. #teamhusham

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  1. MonkeysCanSkype says

    Why am I missing get add ons on Kodi? It doesn't matter what I install it on windows, android it still not there. I am on Kodi 15.1

  2. mel davenport says

    hi husham, iv followed the steps here, but the only ones im getting are the husham lists, im i missing something?

  3. AhMeD Al SuLtAn says

    there is no more robin hood people list on metal kettles Haddon repository 

    thank you

  4. josh lowe says

    ive put the metal kettle repo in and gone onto video addon's but Robin Hood isn't there…

  5. THE PAYNE says

    Robinhood is not there??!!

  6. Anthony White says

    Hey Husham i have followed the steps exactly the way you have done it until 18.34 in your video. where you say i need to find robin hood. i have tried looking for robin hood but it is not there can you help please.

  7. john nash says

    Thank you for all your kindness an time for all you do.thanks again

  8. Jamil Barbar says

    Dear Hushman Memar, I'd like install this addon but when I run it the first time, I try to configure to add source. I wait for long time but not return any source. Could you help me? I appreciate your help. Maybe i make mistake. Thank you.

  9. Charlie B says

    Hi Husham
    Loving your work.
    I did a complete reinstall following this tutorial but I am still getting a problem when I open Robin Hood, I get thrown out of Kodi and my ATV reboots.
    Do you any idea? It only seems to happen with Robin Hood.
    Thanks for any pointers you can give.

  10. Husham Memar says

    Robin Hood People Lists 2.0 IPTV addon – XBMC / KODI – complete how to install

  11. hunnebojj says

    Du får lägga lite mer fokus på att få svenska kanaler att fungera som de ska tycker jag 😉

  12. shotgunzablazen says

    Both are down. Says broken.

  13. Asif Ellahi says

    Robin Hood is awesome thanks husham for a brilliant tutorial

  14. Jose Raldy says

    YoYo, good stuff Husham. Shokran gidan

  15. Abbas Alkhalaf says

    Great work from you, I really LIKE your work !!
    for some reasons I cant download robinhood list from MK source and yours -.-
    keep it up bro

  16. kefomomo says

    Thanks for the video bro. I want to ask you if you know why my kodi keep giving me a search error no result on the lower right side of the screen and it stays forever!!!

  17. Drskills81 says

    What's up with aaa streams and metal kettle

  18. Connor Chase says

    Hello I watch a lot of your videos but I cant find a solution to my kodi. It wont show most pictures like even in the front main screen when i scroll over videos it only show the words not the thumbnail same when i go inside the add-ons can you help me with this?

  19. Hassan Abib says

    great job husham , can you please find out somali channels

  20. Youngblood68 says

    hello but can someone please tell me why I don't see videos beside movies and pictures in kodi???

  21. Abdessamad Safady says

    Hi husham, I have a question about the movies in Arabic list , I got only audio no video , thank you

  22. Ralphy R says

    Wow Robinhood looks pretty awesome, I was on it the other but I did go through the hole thing now I am.
    Great work

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