Update video on Smart STB on Samsung and LG SMART TV. Crown TV IPTV Service.

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  1. manuel castro says

    fred i can't get to my mac address? can you help

  2. Sky Arsenal says

    stb emu on firstick is much better and its free

  3. Colin Blanchard says

    Replace Batteries

  4. Ahmad Askoul says

    Thanks Fred. Is it only with crown? I can I use other servers like voodoo or express. thanks again

  5. Mary Ellinger says

    hi fred im useing the smart stb my server iis iIPTV66 im in us….eastern time zone.. where does my localization need to be set on… is localization for me or server please help … thank you..

  6. Mary Ellinger says

    my tv guied does not match day and time of channel whats wrong is it my time zone settings

  7. Mary Ellinger says

    how do you get the am pm on your time mine is like 1430 1525

  8. Dirtyrider200 says

    Hello Fred!
    I am from Greece. I wish to have all the Greek channels.what I have do? I don't have smart TV but I have the Tx3 mini TV box.

  9. Balotalli Saad says

    Its scam to buy the app after two hours wasted

  10. IZEM helldorado says

    سجل في
    و أحصل على سيرفر مدفوع (mgcamd,cccam,newcamd)مجانا و

  11. Brandon Love says

    those mini keyboards work fine

  12. Arturo Ruiz says

    How do I get this

  13. John Shaw says

    Dude, do you still have the plastic around your TV?

  14. Vincent says

    What is a good paid IPTV service so far what is reliable and stable to go for

  15. Ibwestchef says

    I have it on my LG now…None of those View..Sort..Favorite. and.Move icons work. Maneuvering through the app is kind of sketchy but 'im thinking it's more the provider Crown, and there content. I have a big zero within the NBA League..NFL and VOD sections haaaaaaa…

  16. pokemonbrooks boss says

    do a review iptv app from the google play store
    honest fred's

  17. Olivia Leigh says

    Thanks Fred,
    I have Crown and it is a complete mess, I use it on my MAG254 and sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.
    Which is a bummer because for the past couple of years, it has been my favorite IPTV.
    I will not use it anymore after my Subscription expires this month.
    I believe the owners have simply given up on it or simply cannot handle the amount of traffic. I am not sure, i just know whoever is running it, really needs to fix it.

  18. Alex Paranko says

    how do u get portal ?

  19. Tanvir Hussain says

    Another Great Video ? don't break your remote lol….

  20. Yung Rob says

    Hey Fred have you tried the TVirl app for the Nvidia Shield. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. It looks like a game changer.

  21. Honest Fred's says

    If I sound weird was cause I have a minor cold. Was trying to hold in my sneezes

  22. TV BOX says

    Sr. just pres ok to enter into the options are showing

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