check out this Wizard/Build and you will love the fact that most of the premium channels are working with it.

I enjoyed the way the TV and Movies been setup on it.
I also enjoyed the fact that the build has IPTV STALKER working on it

Remember it is for KODI and not recommending it for XBMC
Use this wizard if you really want to spice up your every day.

If you are unable to download this directly then you can find it in the community build as well

Enjoy this wizard guys
Husham Memar
Best Regards .


Kodi is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation. This content is not connected to or in any other way affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation. Furthermore, any software, addons, or products shown/offered by this content will receive no support in official Kodi channels, including the Kodi forums and various social networks.

. #teamhusham

Please watch: “Best Kodi 17.5 build 2017 fully loaded and working with free movies sports addons – ONE Alliance”


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  1. Jesus Justiniano says

    hi tell me why is not showing the repository wizard after zipfile name ok please help me husham ok thank you.

  2. Jesus Justiniano says

    hi husham im trying to download the spinztv primiumlite build but when i put the url after zipfile the name the reposity dont show up why help me im doing everything the right way i got a difrent build but i want spinztv primiumlite build help me pleasr get back to me thank you.

  3. Jesus Justiniano says

    husham menar i put the url the exact same way you show me but when i hit install from zipfile nothing elese shows why please help me ok i wNt the build xbmcspinztv primiunlite build ok help me please.

  4. Jesus Justiniano says

    hi the spinztvrepo url is not takend it why is the new one repo. spinztv repo url it takes it but it dont show nothing after man .

  5. Joyce Weaver says

    I can't install movie vault out of repo why? is there a limit in each repo

  6. Joyce Weaver says

    have another question,when your in repositories and installing something,why does it not install

  7. Joyce Weaver says

    after I install and restart kodi I get a message kodi not starting wait or ok?…. why

  8. Abdiaziz mohamud says

    wat about Kodi 17 Krypton

  9. kijone franktom says

    my kodi restarts and go right back to factory setting fed up redownload everything. can anyone help?

  10. Fouster78 says

    Husham thanks for all of the videos. They are always very informative. In your opinion. What is the best build at this point? I currently am using the Titanium build on a Fire Stick and Fire TV Box.. any other suggestions?

  11. Rony Jean says

    I mistakenly downloaded the SpinzTV Stealth version and I want to remove it, how do I go about this process?

  12. jevan weaver says

    Hey don't no if anyone could help???
    But can you get sky box office on kodi if so can someone please reply

  13. TheRetri Jeans says

    the install wizards of kodi on my android mxq box takes long man on my pc it take like a few seconds and my internet is 120mb

  14. TheRetri Jeans says

    i dont see the other options i have only a few i dont see the alien vs predator one but thats not a need anyways because i like the ironman

  15. Ben P says

    When I add the source then get to install from zip file click on the .spinztv the file is empty?? Any suggestions please??

  16. Lewis Hannam says

    how did you get that kodi start up mate?

  17. ISAAC VELEZ says

    Is this better then tvaddons ?

  18. Rich L says

    I have it installed, how can I change the sub menus, and Icons below the titles. Like below movies, it lists Rockcrusher. I see how to remove it, but cant figure how to add a new one, as well as change the addon shortcuts below the lists.

  19. Alston D'Silva says

    Thanks for the install Video . Excellent

  20. The Downliner says

    that version is rubbish. Keeps crashing kodi when you select TV guide

  21. Janae Willis says

    Thanks for the video Husham. I've already got this build and it is great but like ALL the rest IPTV does not work. I've watched all the vids from yourself, solo man, Jason, joe nobody etc etc and all these builds are the same in that IPTV Stalker doesn't work. Is there a proper way round this or another IPTV ? Thanks Ray

  22. Jamie Willis says

    I installed it but it's had an error on it

  23. Thomas Robinson says

    crap video, doesnt work anymore, and never updated this video.

  24. Rafael Suarez says

    just download the aries wizard if this URL is no good.

  25. Miguel Nuno says

    great tutorial video bud, thx works great. how do I set up parental control for kids? I tried going to iptv stalker, but adult videos would still play.

  26. Owner TheHomeSeller says

    I paid for 1 Yr how to add into Kodi so that I can watch all channels

  27. Kym S says

    Husham, Hi…I have a question. I have a Amazon TV fire box. I had Spinx TV loaded…. and have been using it for 4 weeks now. I also upgraded my Kodi to 16 . I turned on my box and everything out of Kodi is gone…its like it wiped itself back to original settings…have you ever encountered this?

  28. BFG Barry says

    this doesn't work for me is it still working?

  29. bigtom388 says

    I've tried adding the spinztv to a brand new firestick and it says the repo url isn't there and tried from your repo and it won't work either but I did it on mine 10 mins b4 so I'm lost any help

  30. stormes28 says

    hi man, nothing is working in live Tv stuff, is there some setting I have to do to make it work?

  31. TEE LOVER says

    repo not working,when you download repo,its not there,empty

  32. izri1 says

    I have always used your wizards. And they have hunderds of video-addons. SpinzTV has only 31 video-addons. Lot's of video-addons i watched are not in it. Any way to install much more video-addons in SpinzTV? I don't mean to install one addon at a time. But maybe hunderds addons directley.

  33. Mohammed Moyeen says


    I get everything working..but when you click TV, its says pvr starting up and dont load…??

  34. 345 Hemi Pwr says

    HUSHAM YOU ARE THE MAN! This is such a great build, especially with the IPTV and the IVUE guide. I tried the Simpsons build, but I found the text was too hard to read and the live tv didn't work, but this is absolutely perfect !

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