SportsAccess how to install guide for KODI / XBMC (Paid Sports IPTV Addon)

SportsAccess how to install guide for KODI / XBMC (Paid Sports IPTV Addon)

This is the new video for Sportsaccess and how to install it and what does it have to offer.

To get sports access you will need an account setup with

The sportsaccess repo is

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. #teamhusham

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  1. Ken Robertson says

    Please don't read the menu for us.  Tell us what we want to know!!!  How do we install the menu for SportsAcess?   This is what you promise to do!!!

  2. Sickabilly Garibaldi says

    i installed sports access but its asking me to log in , i dont have a log in how do i get one??

  3. TheRetri Jeans says

    why is there not a paypal payment in sportacces i hate bitcoin or another payment but i dont have bitcoin?

  4. TheRetri Jeans says

    does this paid addon for sportacces also has soccer like Spain barcelona ?

  5. tmorales509 says

    i was thinking about getting this. is there any buffering issues or anything like that? i dont wanna pay for something that doesnt work good.

  6. Lucien does YouTube says

    repo is empty?

  7. Mario P says

    Hi, I have a question, this sportsaccess has bein sports channels? and the spanish one?

  8. Jorge Sanchez says

    Hey I'm getting a unable to connect error. I made sure I put the address right. Any ideas

  9. lostecho1125 says

    Hi there! Love your videos. Question: I'm getting "Unable to Connect – Couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?" when I entered the path for the media location. I double checked that I typed it correctly. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thnx 🙂

  10. ben gillespie says

    "webpage not available"

  11. jas wats says

    much as I try, any channel I want to actually watch, doesn't work.

  12. Stephen H says

    Husham any chance on getting an invite to Sportsaccess? I saw that they opened them up and you should have an unlimited amount.

  13. Lance Lopez says

    Hey man can I get an invite to sportsaccess? Thanks man, for the video. .

  14. KrissyChic says

    Husham, I installed this and went to register and it says registration is closed, ask an existing member for an invite as existing members have unlimited invitations. Can anyone issue me an invite please????

  15. fflivewire says

    Hey is this still working? Can't find anywhere to register to get a log in?

  16. Ontario Davis says

    It was working fine up until today and now I'm getting a script failed error….any suggestions because I just paid for it and now it stopped working

  17. tabletsful says

    navi ppv free box 5/2/2015p

  18. African Channel says

    Hey Hasham. Thanks for the post. Paid my subs for 30 days. Worked 3 days.After that, Sports Access deny me access, Says FREE Member. Don't recognize my user & log on. Cannot get hold of anyone at Sports Access. Money gone!!!

  19. makavelli788 says

    What's the difference between sportsmania and sport access?

  20. leanorlando says

    Hey my bro! With the Paid Subscription can you watch PPV Heavyweight Boxing Fights???

  21. dan don says

    How much is it to sub i wish you would say in your video

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