Experiencing heavy buffering when streaming Kodi? Reduce it to the max with this simple calculation. Enjoy free movies, tv series & live TV with very little to no buffering at all,

Fix kodi 17.6 remove all buffering, you will need a calculator or this process with Easy Advanced settings

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  1. Melissa Wasielewski says

    Like a charm! ??

  2. Silence of the hams says

    Yeah sorry mate but it made it worse when I tried your method. AWESOME! Grrrr It' s irritating trying to watch a movie with the remote in your hand. Pause Play Pause Play Pause Play.  Fuck that! I just as well rent there damn thing and be done with it.

  3. djfurio says

    Works great for me now. Nice one

  4. Simon Tripcony says

    Hi Doc. Followed your instructions but still buffering on my android box (t95z plus 3gb ram 32gb flash) but no problems on my laptop. Have Cosmic Saints 4k build (updated it today) on android and durex build on my pc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Simon

  5. Troy Rowley says

    Awesome bro!! You are the man, thank you so much ???????

  6. Meli Lopez says

    Question if my free memory is 7751, and i do the math and it comes out to 2.437939e9 ? Do i put that exact number?

  7. Jim A says

    I have Kodi v17.6 Krypton. Buffering was maddening on TV Shows, Movies, & Sports. After completing Easy Add On tasks I watched 3 movies and Monday Night Football. NO BUFFERING-1st time ever. WOW. THANKS Doc.

    I recently started watching, The Sopranos, series – a TV show. Buffering is now worse when watching TV shows. Anyone know a way to sure that up? Also I am experiencing a new issue since the fix when watching some TV show streams-screen shaking. I switched to a different stream and some don't screen shake.

  8. J W says

    Cheers Doc, just got round to doing this so I will let you know how it goes later…??✌️✌️✌️

  9. King Brown says

    thanks for the help

  10. robbocop33 r says

    Well, there's 11 minutes 18 seconds of my life I'll never get back! Waste of time.

  11. Jon Woolfenden says

    Brilliant see why u need a calculator haha, I only had 156mb free space and tips on freeing up more space?

  12. 5llllle says

    The skin setting change to Estuary didn't work for me. It just kicked me out of the build back to the Firestick home page.

  13. Craig Rees says

    Works like a dream CHEERS ???????????????????

  14. tlchp1987 says

    What if ur free memory changes and bounces some times mine ranges for 120-140 140-150 and 150-160 at random times. I have a fire stick… what could be causing this? Also I have noticed some streams are better at buff than others so I typically like to stick with those but u know some of those won't be on all add on/files

  15. Andre De Warr says

    Didn't work for me on firestick

  16. Greg Husband says

    You sir are a legend! Worked 100% after struggling with buffering for a while ! Thank you merry xmas ?????

  17. James Whiteaker says

    . Brother I'm a good fan man this is Mojo Bones and I want to tell you the only thing I've seen you mess up with is this this show you got today on buffering I tried it tried it and tried it and it doesn't seem to work for me I've got it I have got it in there perfectly and it just doesn't work I think you ought to rethink this I think you had a really research this information everything else though you've taught me a lot I think you ought to look up fire Guru Fire TV Guru it's wizard it seems to work well on these on these Fire Sticks and fire TVs and Kodi devices. Now I want to thank you again and I wish your wife gets better and I know you've been through a trying time I know how it is I'm an old man and don't have much to do so for sit around and play my guitar and messed around with the internet I retired from my musicianship got too old I'm on oxygen well thanks again your fan, Mojo Bonz.

  18. Candyanna Largent says

    It work for awhile then when I went back to movie the buffering started back up

  19. Bull&Skones says

    Nice….like Rocky 3's body….

  20. Jay D says

    It appears that all settings don't work for everyone but after trying other countless methods this is the only one that allowed my streaming to continue longer before buffering again so I used this method in combination with adjusting the HQ scalers and set it at 60%. Also some addons may not stream as well as others. I use a M9S Pro Android box with Android 6.0

  21. Eduardo Figueroa says

    It's works I can watch my show with no buffering thanks Doc

  22. FlutemanKenny says

    Thanks for lying. I did exactly what you said and my kodi is still buffering like crazy. Don’t lie to people about stuff like this!

  23. Venom Snake says

    nice video mate worked perfectly

  24. sam boogy says

    BRILLIANT ..;['[]///

  25. Akeem Lvl says

    Dude my MB numbers keep raising what the hell it's not Accurate I feel like ima end up fukin my shit up

  26. Andy Tudor says

    Works perfectly, but I’ve just gone to my addon rebirth and the list of films has disappeared, this could be a newbie question but how do I get them back?

  27. Wayne Raymond says

    I have known about this for awhile. There are a few more things you can set in there but this is the main part. Great video Doc

  28. Tony H says

    Another fantastic vid, will try this when I get home & add box details.

  29. Packy's Sports says

    worked perfectly

  30. Luke steward says

    Hi i would like to recommed this website:,
    for your iptv service, they have the best customers service
    and 6 iptv services to offer on all you can get a free
    trial before ordering. I recommend Pro TV is fantastic,
    you get offer 900+ Channels- Movies -TV Shows and All PPV Included.

  31. TacticalPower88 says

    So you redo the other video and not this one? Thats messed up that you let this misinformation spread as far as it has.

  32. Warren Wilding says

    You mention buffer mode 1 for server streaming and mode 2 for online streaming. Which mode is correct for a mixture of server and online streaming playback?

  33. Chance Blakley says

    Thanks! It works great !

  34. CHRIS VK says

    Thanks a ton, worked like a champion, easy to follow

  35. LOIS LANE says

    I have Kodi 17.6. Not working. Much worse.

  36. stu palmer says

    Well Doc…..I just changed my build and tried to watch live tv..Sky Sports news…..and it would not play. So,I came here and did this buffering routine again and guess what…..yes,that's right….after doing it the streams play. So this really does work. Thank you so much.

  37. TheBritishViking says

    Yeah hey i did this but now Everything is buffering more whats going on?

  38. Roby babe says

    Fix buffering… You need to fix your lip-sync… 🙂

  39. doobieman69 says

    Israel? No thanks, mate.

  40. Michael Gaughan says

    Doc do you have any thoughts on the XML downloader to help reduce buffering?

  41. Deathon2wheelz says

    Thanks for this, was getting alot of issues when using my IPVanish with Kodi, this seems to have done the job! Great video, thanks again!

  42. Pfotenhauer04 says

    It worked great! Thanks so much.

  43. Ronnie lipman says

    absolutely perfect..many thanx,,,,can u please help with blocking annoying ads every 30 seconds but most importantly my browser gets redirection all the time

  44. Justin Thompson says

    Great walk through that you very much Justin from Strathmore, CA. USA

  45. Buddy Rigaud says

    Worked perfect for me. Great tip. Thanks Doc

  46. Apple Iphone says

    What a douchebag

  47. Roberta Greenwood says

    Hi ds, would you know how I can resolve issue with streamhub premium? I paid for the premium as my hubby having chemo and I wanted him to be able to watch sports, got username and password, logged in ok and confirmed details but nothing will play? All premier matches etc says one or more failed to play? Thanks in advance ?

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