The Best New Kodi 17.5 build for October 2017 | ?Fire TV Guru? Build – Complete Setup & Walkthrough

The Best New Kodi 17.6 build for December 2017 | ?Fire TV Guru? Build – Complete Setup & Walkthrough

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– Full video review of the Best Kodi Build.
– Has great content with All of the Top Kodi Addons you need
– Watch Top Movie, TV Shows & Live Sports Addons & Repos
– Installation with Fire TV Guru Wizard
– Powerful and Full Featured Build
– Easy to Install with Step by Step Directions
– Works on any device: Android Boxes, FireStick, Fire TV Stick, iOS devices, Windows, Linux & Mac
– How to Fresh Start Kodi & Force Close Kodi
– XBMC / SPMC Best Builds
– Easiest Method Ever

Source for Fire TV Guru Build:

Get Kodi On Your Apple TV 4, iPhone or iPad Forever Without A Developer’s Account

Kodi 17.6 / 17.5.1 / 17.5 / 17.4 / 17.3 / 17.2 / 17.1 Krypton is a new version. It has almost every movie and TV show ever made available. No need for downloading and/or watching ads – everything is streamed and ad-free.

Also includes Live TV, Free IPTV Stalker, TVAddons and Live Sports. Channels like: CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, C-SPAN, BBC, Bloomberg, PBS, Disney Channel, Nick Jr, Cartoon Network, Kodi Solutions, Bravo, Toon, TV Land, TNT, TMC, AMC, ASBYT, TBS, FX, Sci-Fi, Science, Discovery, NASA, History, Hallmark, Lifetime, Mystery, SoapNet, Romance, Shopping Network, MTV, Newtechevolution, Entertainment, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, ESPN

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  1. Alvin Peri says

    Liked it ???????
    Kodi No Limits has a really sexy voice ???

  2. Thomas England says

    For the lite version it’s saying invalid url. What do I do kodi no limits

  3. AverageAR _ says

    Has anyone been noticing the servers on FireTV wizard are extremely slow for downloading builds recently?

  4. Sportsbrainiac35 says

    Every build I use showing error code. Anyone have a build that actually works? They're blocking everything.

  5. Neil Ballantyne says

    Hi I like this build it is working really well except for sound no audio no where ,can you help me with that???

  6. Leng KOk says

    Do you have one with tv box. I have a MS8

  7. judy dawson says

    excellent! nice & slow, sometimes they speak fr too quickly, but this girl was slow & clear!!

  8. Mike Sargeant says

    does this work for computers windows10 to install mobdro from the build

  9. Mike Sargeant says

    hi does anyone know why movies are not working

  10. Terrell Williams says

    You're so great.. Thank you..

  11. SEL MAR says

    AWESOME !!!!!!! Ty4d step by step instructions. I subscribed to ur channel and by far u R the best link to upgrades on KODI. I’ve also told my Fam and Friends about ur channel ..! Again ty so much ! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  12. Sherri Sickels says

    Ok hun I've got an issue and I'm hoping you'll know the fix. Ive been using no limits on my pc windows 10 for a few weeks with no issue then suddenly 3 days ago it would gimme a notification that kodi is not working and would close the program and say windows is looking for a solution.. a few reboots later it would work fine for the night… today rebooting is not fixing it, I tried uninstall clean install and reinstall of no limits and still cant get it to work without crashing. please help

  13. Eva Figueroa says

    How can I stop the buffering, it's so darn annoying.

  14. EluteWT says

    Kodi No Limits is the best Team, and a really sexy voice

  15. K Seay says

    I have a question what do I do when no limits is not playing any content…. It loads through everything but nothing plays

  16. qstar304 says

    Do I have to delete to update each time.

  17. Anthony Rancatore says

    I put the magic build on my fire stick but it keeps going back to default kodi after a day any info on how to fix problem

  18. Donna Williams says

    Thank you for such an easy to follow video. I have been trying for over a week download Kodi after mistakenly deleting it. I was always able to recover before but not this time. However, I came across this video and it recovered everything while giving me a no limits build. Thank you again! You are amazing!!

  19. Michelle McWilliam says

    I've uninstalled ans reinstalled countless times and this will not work regardless of which video I watch!

  20. Richard Bouzane says

    great walkthrough looking forward to your next one

  21. Great Khan24 says

    Can't get renegade or all wrestling to work

  22. Jeffery Chandler says

    I have Kodi no limits 17.4 can I just upgrade to 17.5 without doing a whole install

  23. Steve Wolfe says

    Thank you so much for being simple.I have a question what mps is minimum for use with No Limits

  24. john anderson says

    Issue Report (build) :
    Hello. nice build. however, the banner on the build stated to report any issues found to your youtube page.
    I have found an issue with your installed Super Favourites
    Super Favourites > Create Folder > populate all desired folders with desired names for movies.
    Using Exodus. Search > type search > find desired movie selection.
    Right-click movie selection form search results > super favorites > create desired super folder or create a folder to place your movie.
    Click ok.
    REturn to super favorites > go to folder that was created > go to movie that was just saved to super favorites > launch or click on movie > MOvie does NOT launch (Finding sources window flashes briefly. then sits there )

    however. I f i go out just thru Exodus directly. Use the same Search feature. Find the desired movie. select said movie. Launch or Play directly from within Exodus. the same movie STarts / Plays just fine. so the issue is within the Super Favourites or the created Super FAvourites folders somewhere. Issue being I can not launch any of my movies from super favourites folder and super favourites is just a catalogue of nice colorful thumbnails.

    Is there a possible fix for this super favourites in your kodi build.

  25. Terrell Williams says

    How to set caption or subtitles

  26. Manuel Fallah says

    Your Voice Is Number One , Plus Another Great Tutorial.

  27. Lisa Cormier Dupere says

    Is there ANY Add-on that will play General Hospital?… because as of now I keep getting "No stream" can someone help with this?

  28. Roger Petrella says

    what is difference between Fire TV Guru and Kodi No Limits?

  29. Eeva Papunen says

    Hyvää öittä koko perhe City of Angelis York USA lunta lunta lunta lunta lunta lunta lunta lunta lunta City of Angelis City of Angelis York USA katja minna jonna tuulla tiinalle piia nauttimaa elämästä elämästä kauniit unia ystäväni minna jonna katja tuulla tiinalle piia hyviä unia tutulle ja kissa marsu ja orava minna jonna katja tuulla tiinalle piia hyvää öittä nauttimaa elämästä kauniit unia tutulle ja linnut laulaa ps kauniille naisille ps voikkaa hyvin täältä finlan suomen kanssas terveisiin jp elämä on ihanaa ja linnut laulaa ps jp kauniille naisille ps jp ihania York USA ystäväni usa italia ransk kiina ruotsi venäjä hollanti saksa kiina ruotsi venäjä hollanti Suomi naiset aurinko paistaa finlan ystäväni juha nenna päivi jonni kiva pikku kissoja kauniille naisille ps jp

  30. Alexander Ng says

    Need help downloading movies from KNL to a USB thumbdrive. From researching other vids on Youtube on how it's done, they to go to the Video tab, however there is no Video tab in KNL so I went to the Movies tab > AddOn List > Covenant Exodus> Tools>Playback tab to change the General Default setting to Directory, clicked OK and then when the Downloads tab to Enable and selected under Movies to my M:Thumbdrive.

    I back out to do a search through Covenant Exodus on a movie, wait for a list to populate and I right click on the 1 of the many server selections that come back but I don't don't see a Download option.

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your assistance

  31. Angela Barbara says

    Definitely the best build! How can I tell what no limit build is installed on my kodi?

  32. miguel sepulveda says

    How do you unlock the adult section

  33. Claudia Rogers says

    I have learned so much from you. The best Kodi teacher around!

  34. Marcus Oakley says

    Great build. After adding m3u and EPG PVR settings, How to i turn on the "Live TV" to access those channels?

  35. M Fonseca says

    Why is there a renegades error popping up??

  36. MrMonrealli says

    why do i see avatar and pulp fiction in new movies section in elysium? i created my own API which fixed the not working menus.
    Also is alluc messed up for you guys? it says hd but it's not, then it provides stream in foreign languages

  37. Julio Flores says

    I like how each video is The Best Build : D

  38. Wayne Raymond says

    Ok seems the no limits build has many things not working. Is there a problem with the build.

  39. Ali Jafar says

    thanks dear

  40. Ali Jafar says

    thanks dear

  41. Mike Santana says

    No Limits is the best build  out there by far! Such easy tutorials. Keep up the awesome work. Love you!!!

  42. Mo Doza says

    This build keeps on crashing my Kodi 17.5

  43. Nick Nolan says

    Hey, is this better than the no limits build? or will the 17.4 Kodi efficiency start to deteriorate and an update is needed? thank you

  44. CraneRTW says

    Is this better than the last build you showed on the updates and can I add it since I already have the no limit build?

  45. Shannon Butt says

    I can't get any build to work on kodi 17.5 once I put the build on and force close kodi will not open

  46. Sheryl Law says

    Why dont certain apps work, after loading immediatly got renegade error. Have enough room on storage left why dont over half of these apps in this huild work??

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