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This apk has everything kodi is struggling with, it has everything terrarium tv has plus the added extra of live tv and the option to add m3u list so even your paid iptv, its amazing

is your kodi 17.6 struggling, now streams available, use this instead


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  1. Un4givNRSEF says

    Iptv not one single channel working!!!!

  2. Ronan O'Kane says

    Doc Squiffy want to take this opportunity to thank you personally ? your the Man !!

  3. Fifanutter says

    Will the net neutrality effect all this

  4. Rudy A. Voelcker says

    How do you download in this program are are you supposed to?

  5. Majaliwa McKeaver says

    When you use this on the firestick do you need a mouse like showbox needs a mouse?

  6. Jungle is Bushy says

    Anyone else getting errors once selecting a film? "error insecure response" (already using a VPN)

  7. ennceebee says

    Where can I find info about isp restrictions on your website?

  8. Joesph Baumgardner says

    @Doc Squiffy, need some input please.1). Live tv, selected USA.To start, some come back dead or cannot find locate failed.However, big problem that confuses me is, say I select Hallmark HD.It will load than come back play ABC.Alot of these are titled one thing, but play differ.Confused about that? 2).I see alot of ads on live tv also a sneak at when on player like us on FB etc.Just saying.Ads on live tv as in, other than regular tv programing slots.3).Advice, I have the video studder glitch and or slow fast play issue.I see on my players VLC is crap with this.Most are.What is a great player to add to play videos.? I am on a 1080p tv.Set to all good settings.A Android box, something called Mbox of which I know nothing of as in quality.Android 4.4.2.Anyhow, I will say that your apk file is very good.Does work indeed.I assume ( stupid question ), it updates movies etc daily? Please advice to issues so I can better understand.Thank you.

  9. Troy Addison says

    Looks a lot like FreeFlixHQ! Is it better?

  10. Kathy White says

    The more I use it, I am starting to prefer it.

  11. Averyl McDaniels says

    its working good.

  12. Ruben Kerigma says

    Slow app.too much.bufferin

  13. Bessem Besong says

    Great Video

  14. Rocky Rock says

    You're the man doc…

  15. Hugo Ott says

    is there a version of this for windows?

  16. Mario Kowszar says

    Hi I have put this on my fire stick but there is no live TV on it can you tell me what I have done wrong please

  17. Dawid Fourie says

    How do you install this on a Pi3?

  18. Graham Randall says

    Don't use adfree versions as developers get nothing and it all ends for us all…

  19. Yvonne Morales says

    Can you put this on fire stick

  20. Arleen Leiva says

    This is the bomb. Thank you

  21. Darren Clarke says

    Nothing new here had 2 months now old news

  22. mrbosk says

    Tried this app several times and have never had it successfully play anything ! I’ll stick with terrarium for now.

  23. Acts Of Randomness! says

    Doc, you are a life saver…Thank you! Kodi is a mare at the moment…Covenant is playing up something chronic!

  24. Muntz8202 says

    Is there a way to change the display settings on this one? The left and right sides are partially off the screen. TIA

  25. Kaydriane says

    Awesome!! Thank you !!

  26. 0z, Ltd. says

    I've got the VPN on your website. Trouble is, it only works off and on. When we click on it, it connects, but when we haven't clicked on it in awhile it disconnects. Not very reliable. I wonder if we're in a bad place here in the US. Arizona.

  27. Cherrelle Alexander says

    Trying to download on fire stick but your site isn’t working on my firestick

  28. jermaine Parker says

    Not sure how too get it, do I goo to downloader and type your app in or what

  29. jermaine Parker says

    I'm noir understanding what to do. Can you walk me through step by step please.

  30. Paul Jones says

    Your new ad free version Downloads but won’t open when download is complete? The terrarium tv apk is the same.tried both 5 times and won’t open. Any suggestions?

  31. DavC DavC says

    Awrite Doc, great work as usual m8. I loaded it on 2 fire stick, films seem to play ok but TV was a bit ropey trying to get earlier seasons. Live TV was on some of the links. Still to load it on to box. Appreciate all your work buddy

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