The Little Black Box – Interface Demo

Change the way you watch TV forever!

The Little Black Box is the ultimate multimedia player that plays everything from Music to Movies, to TV shows and Box Sets.

Watch our interface demo and stay tuned for more videos

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  1. Bet on Truth says

    Please tell me what music this is! 

  2. Mike Ransby says

    I bought this Box, and I must say that it was the worst thing I have ever bought 🙁
    I do NOT recommend this to anyone.
    Do yourself a favor and visit TLBB forum. Just google it.
    And then read how many people have issues with "The Little Box That Couldn't" as they call it.

    Sure, in these commercials it looks nice, but the box keeps on crashing every 10 minute for me, and the same for many others. And remote doesn't work half the time… Waste of time and money!! They need to work on a new and better version of this box !!!

  3. Tombo Slice says

    In the UK, can BT Sport 1&2 be added to it? 

  4. Carlos Rodriguez says

    can it passthrough True-HD & DTS-HD?

  5. Gustavo Luiz Taborda says

    A Boxee Box substitute!!!!!!

  6. The Little Black Box says

    @activedreamer yes vpn's can be used

  7. activedream says

    VPNs, can many be used?

  8. Ryan Oberbarnscheidt says

    Best thing I've ever purchased!!!! unlimited possibilities

  9. Dimitri Roegiers says

    Looks very promising!

  10. THE RAFCAVE says

    Wonderful! Just wish mine was shipping!

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