The new EXODUS is here more movies and tv shows on KODI!

This is the new Exodus on KODI 17.6, the Neptune Rising KODI addon has been just released, working on 2018 and it is essentially the previous Poseidon add-on.

Bringing more results for Movies and TV Shows on KODI, it is developed now by Mr Blamo, the same developer of Death Streams (the SALTS fork).

You can find the Neptune Rising Add-on for KODI on the Blamo Repository:

For More:

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The new EXODUS is here more movies and tv shows on KODI!

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  1. Zissou Moonshot says

    You sir are the king of Kodi knowledge, I bow to you.

  2. Brittney Gulley says

    There are no tv shows on it

  3. cayogator says

    failed dependencies

  4. Lou Last says

    Good Job w/presentation!

  5. Georgia Knight says

    Failed to install for some reason?

  6. sunkissbrown says

    I have a lot of open load and freezing

  7. Mark Semenov says

    Will this work with the boomshakala build?

  8. Jason Wold says

    Works ok. Like that it pulls from nan.
    But most of the categories don’t work. Like top movies and IMDB user lists.
    Anyway to get these working?

  9. paul gale says

    great vid man

  10. Guided Hand says

    What the FORK!!

  11. bill p says

    please help!!,

  12. bill p says

    doesn't play tv show. only movie. am i missing something on a setting? same with convand

  13. Denis Bazulev says

    Thumbs up

  14. Denis Bazulev says

    This is the best thing

  15. Kathy White says

    I get zero results no matter which movie I select.

  16. Sofia Gambino says

    updated to this and it is saying NO STREAM AVAILABLE>> Any suggestions

  17. Ian S says

    Not working today 🙁

  18. MC Priest says

    Exodus is not supported any more

  19. HeadsupMaster says

    Dimitri how come I can't disable authorization. I turned off hostes with captcha but still asking for a pair

  20. zombiedoll says

    Do you have any suggestions for live American football (nfl)? having trouble finding anything that actually works.

  21. Johanna Ceballos says

    Add to Boom Build…. & make easier to change skin for easier add on installs

  22. florin681000 says

    Kodi is getting in my nervs, nothing workshop anymore…. Why they don't close and "vaya con Dios"?

  23. Raphael Donier says

    hello dimitrology I am looking for the ALLUC add-on impossible to find it for kodi 
    thank you

  24. Gary Van says

    Dimi i am suprised its been out. Your slowing up.

  25. David Vela says

    Hi friend can u tell me what sd mean when u load moives I know what 1080 /hd

  26. prohobby 205 says

    I'm using your build and it's not being working good at all lately

  27. Houndog787 says

    What can i do to help with buffering? Im using a firestick

  28. Riich A says

    hello I get a failed to install dependency any idea how to fix

  29. QueenWeezy™ says

    Mine keep saying no stream available

  30. ThatBoi YeLLa says

    Dimi do you think it's possible that you can incorporate in one of your bills where every time you click on something it shows it in thumbnails instead of a list by default?

  31. Koo Koo says

    It does come up with all kinds of HD sources for TV Shows but none play. Moves have No Streams. Fantastic isn't too bad although a lot of TV Shows have No Streams. I have better luck with Covenant.

  32. PJ G says

    Are there any different sources? i have tried several exodus style addons and my biggest problem is slow unreliable sources, every addon has the same ones

  33. GIANAS TORES says

    Dimi. at neptun-rising like in poseidon before i have no icons in the menus but only black buttons with the open package. does anyone knows WHY????

  34. ΦΟΡΗΣ Δ. ΜΑΡΤΖ says

    Γειά σου dimi από τα βροχερά Γιαννενα….

  35. jimmcy says

    Nop, still getting WAY more sources on covenant, 1080p sources i mean.

  36. Hec Reg says

    Blamo is not really good. I tried dead streams and completely sucked. Neptune rises is the same.

  37. Craig Lowe says

    Thought this was poseidon remake by blamo.

  38. Roel Wijker says

    Hi Dimi, sorry but i have the repo on FTMC but neptune is not in the repo?

  39. jim reeves says

    The movies are working,
    But the Tv show are not,
    Is there anything else which I need to do ?

  40. benzy blenaru says

    Hi dimi all in 720 p only

  41. Michael Kleanthous says

    I've tried it Dimi but I can't make work. It downloads everything loads but movies do not play. Any ideas anybody?

  42. Farrukh Shakil says

    Yup it iz not downloading

  43. Mbmc Box says


  44. Farrukh Shakil says

    I followed ur steps but myne didnt install. Any reason y that coud hv happened

  45. Farrukh Shakil says

    I did all the beginning steps u said but myne iz not downloading

  46. Sunlo says

    Could not find any sources.

  47. Gary C says

    Dimi, just left a post saying I installed Neptune Rising and it doesn't work with 3 movies I watched on Elysium and Terrarium. Why has it not showed up in your comments yet? Kinda strange ya think?

  48. Whats On Television says

    Kodi is on Vacation.?

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