The SMART IPTV List You’ve Been Asking For!

Link for IPTV m3u channel playlist for you to stream on your Smart TV, Android TV, Kodi Box, Amazon Firestick, Roku, Apple iOS. Watch Channels From All Over The World for your viewing pleasure. Can use link on any App that supports m3u playlists.

Special Thanks To FLUXUS for their hard work

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  1. Babatunde Adeoye says

    added the link today, but didnt work comes up with error message on my smart iptv, any help?

  2. Scorpion King says

    @Honest Fred's this link does not work

  3. Electronic Parts says

    Thank you

  4. sonia jermin says

    Hi fred so i did everything like you said but it's not working for me i keep getting video erro

  5. ceet12 says

    Hi Fred, thanks again, does the link automatically update? Regards

  6. peter hughes says

    Hey any help with using a wireless keyboard to control stb guide? Or can you recommend a proper remote to use with android box, so frustrated to not be able to control the app. Thanks Fred!

  7. PITBULL Super-Streams says

    When I entered the m3u exactly as seen using GSE IPTV it does not populate any channels.

  8. Sam Garland says

    Animaniacs fan? 🙂

  9. Tony Green says

    sorry fred we would all like to give up work

  10. Kwasi Sefa Antwi says

    it worked on my Samsung Tv. thanks

  11. Mendes De Castro says

    Channels not working.

  12. William Lopez says

    Soloscam and clickbait king touchnobody….are the next ones to post this vid Fred…trust me all those guys just want views..without even acknowledging you for it. soloscam already did it to review dork!!!

  13. Anjelica Dixon says

    I love You!

  14. Steve Jones says

    Nice list any chance on more u s channels coming ?

  15. QUICK says

    Is there a way to lock a group? I was playing around with this app and click on group and this app place every link in it own group. For example, I have kid, science, sport, movie and adult only. I'm trying to figure out, is there a way to place a lock on the "adult only" group? I have kids (boys/teenagers) and I want to lock this section.

  16. Zvonimir Repasi says

    Do you have free Smart IPTV apk without 7 days trials period?

  17. Cheryl Hansen says

    Hi, I can’t get it to play on Samsung it says incompatible player what did I do wrong …?

  18. Raymond Kennon says

    This url works but not enough sports channels in USA thanks Fred its a Good url thanks for sharing i got a Roku tv and using m3 u player

  19. Krystian Kaczmarek says

    Could you send me the link of this

  20. Lars Gertsen says

    Hey Fred – Thx so much for the link – some channels work – others don't – Would like to donate and get a URL for more channels ? I'm especially interested in science and in particular the History channels, but also movies..
    Again thx – I'm all new at this, and your URL was the first that worked for me after trying for hours and getting frustrated…
    Kind rgds

  21. Amdemeskel Mussie says

    Hi you are super bro how to find sport channel please help me thanks

  22. sandy plumb says

    do have have an English uk tv list for m3u

  23. sandy plumb says

    how can I see my current list which is on my smart iptv as I cant see it was on a box I bought

  24. Robert Shupinski says

    who gives a crap about other countries!! usa

  25. JOE ANN COLE says

    Thanks very much.

  26. Roy Stevo says

    where can i get the m3u file? how much?

  27. Mota says

    Do you really need to make a 30min video just to share a playlist that is no use for anyone? Thanks for making your viewers waste their time.

  28. Ozolz says

    99% of the channels are some bullshit foreign dont even englishe

  29. David Elder says

    Hey honest fred👍I’ve done what u asked the channels are all there but saying connection failed any ideas please to get it workingb

  30. The Duke says

    Very nice and easy to install. The only downside is I couldn't find any PPV SITES.

  31. JackItsMe2 says

    The playlist got added, but doesnt play any of the streams.

  32. Olga Cetin says

    Usless video

  33. Ervin Scott says

    can you just get to the point and say here is the sight for the paid url or free url www. i don't mind paying but you talk in circles and to much, damn

  34. Basil Andrea says

    The issue is this list work and how long till it block

  35. Basil Andrea says

    Where is the list first and is it working . ????

  36. msp klaudia says

    Hey im new to this i have the 7 day trial of smart iptv i put in the list i went on the app and clicked the list that was added but all it shows is black screen and loading … i have lg smart tv

  37. adzafar s says

    Hello hi how are you boss I have smart IPTV channel but the list is not working please send me your link

  38. Cynthia Barbour says

    Thank you so much Fred

  39. fy1968 says

    how much your coffee coast for the list

  40. Paul Romero says

    You are talking about all this free stuff but you do not tell us where we get the list! where do we get the list!!

  41. AcessOreos says

    Kodi iptv pvr , good??

  42. Ali Yafai says

    where is subscription package ?

  43. Joanne Entwistle says

    Hey tried the link on my LG smart tv (IPTV app) didn’t work?? Any suggestions or other links Thanks 🙂

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