Zgemma star running sky skin

Zgemma star enigma 2 box runing sky skin
7 day epg, live pause and record options

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  1. IshakIRG says

    are those HD chanels from satellite or IPTV?? If from satellite. What is that satellite? Nice box!

  2. S Otus says

    Hi, my skybox has only one cable at the back. Please what box would you suggest?

  3. Mushroom Galaxy says

    hi, if I have virgin internet I will get hd?

  4. J U says

    how is he getting hd when they are encrypted

  5. dan mumby says

    ive had to put my zgemma star h.2s back to factory setting can I put a skin on FileZilla and has anyone got a file they can send me


    Obviously dont see that this is actually HDAlso can get kodi on this boxDont use it becauseKodi streams are 50/50 at best
    Good luck

  7. Liam Hollis says

    WHat is skin calle and where to DL?

  8. Stephen Murphy says

    hi i have skybox f5s and am upgrading to zgemma s2 soon.

    how did you get sky sports hd on it??

  9. Jack MUFC says

    Sky sports HD ? Take it u running through virgin?

  10. tony pickering says

    hi. im running a zgemma star h1 do i need to put n lines for cable

  11. MrWheels82 says

    OPENBOXWARRANTY yes can i get all world sport like that then without iptv — need a bit of help and thanks for help email me please — mufcwheels@hotmail.co.uk

  12. MrWheels82 says

    openboxwarranty i mean like other sports not sky sports bt – like cth or bein or summat like that can u help me dont get wot u mean and tha ks for replys thank u

  13. MrWheels82 says

    openboxwarranty i have both h1 sky and virgin

  14. MrWheels82 says

    openboxwarrenty i have both h1

  15. MrWheels82 says

    mick b can u help ?

  16. MrWheels82 says

    mickb i would pay just want good quality one

  17. MrWheels82 says

    mick b i will pay

  18. MrWheels82 says

    wanna add sports below on channel list too do u know how lol thanks for ur time

  19. MrWheels82 says

    both have h1

  20. m burns says

    Do you have no satelite or cable feed or are you trying to access other channels, good iptv you need to pay for though

  21. MrWheels82 says

    i have zgemma h1 can u help me set up good iptv add on or do u know best one please thanks subbed ur channel

  22. MrWheels82 says

    do u know anygood iptv apart from ruya or do you sell

  23. TheJohners says

    Have you got a link to download the sky skin from? Thanks.

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