🔴Watch 3000 IPTV Channels FOR FREE APK Live TV & Sports Firestick & Android No Kodi 2018

Want Premium IPTV channels on Firestick FireTV ALL Devices then this is the app for you. Thousands of amazing channels, Lots in HD and 100% free!.
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  1. Rayza1983 says

    TechDoctor the streams on here are lasting around 30 seconds and then shutting off. I'm using a Fire TV do you think it's because it's on that device? I haven't got an android box so can't test on there. Be good if I could message Embratoria to see

  2. Swole Waver says

    The app is great but it only takes plays the selected tv channel for 54 to 56 seconds then shuts off. Is this supposed to be happening?

  3. GETTO PIRATE says

    Thank you alot

  4. Scott Kuhn says

    Good app but there is only about 200 channels in English. This app is excellent because it does not buffer and the picture quality is very good. But can't get some basic channels like HBO which is there but nothing comes up when I click. But I will keep this app. Much thanks.

  5. MODXGAMING !!!! says

    Apk works great but I'm having issues with live plays for few minutes then stops any ideas for fix ?

  6. John Fuhrmann says

    I love your tutorials and app store. However, this Embratoria app just goes to a black screen when I hit the onscreen "enter" button. No channels interface ever appears.

  7. kodi Ian says

    Brilliant nice 1 thanks

  8. Mario A says

    Unfortunately this app doesn't work anymore. At least it doesn't open anything on my android TV box, so I uninstalled it.

  9. Nghia Quach says

    Didn’t work press on enter and crashed ….

  10. LiL Bit says

    Won't work!

  11. Dean Stephens says

    Why isn’t empratoria working

  12. Dane Sadler says

    Not working for me

  13. M Charles says

    Hi, Thanks for this great Apk, opened up this morning and no channels are working even after you click the update option “anyone else having issue?” (I hope it starts working again soon)

  14. chafik ahbella says

    Hi there, when I click Enter it gives me a message saying “ parsing “ do you have any Idea why is that? Please let me know if you can help me on this one, thanks

  15. Jim Bozz says

    Does this or any APK work for PPV fights?

  16. sunglasses ron says

    which addon in ur list would you say is the best for live tv ? thanks

  17. Dazed Deb says

    I made a few errors but it is working. thank you for your time and knowledge.

  18. Medical ustaad says

    I have subscribed but cant still download any app plz allow access

  19. ichael glasgow says

    It crashes your fire stick sort it out

  20. Sergio F says

    I have a Sony Android TV.. how can I do it?

  21. Patricia Exley says

    thanks for all your help and great apks

  22. Cipryan Iancu says

    Thank's man,your are the Best. .👍

  23. Chris Richardson says

    Great work! Thanks so much

  24. Kevin Humble says

    No sound on some channels can you fix this 👍

  25. Kevin Humble says

    Nice we need more people like you 👍

  26. Barney says

    IF Embratoria G7 CRASHES OR Fails to work then totally Un-install it .
    Goto TechDoctorUK droid admin site and download and install again Embratoria G7 because @ TechDoctorUK already has a new Fixed version of Embratoria G7 uploaded and working on his site which is 100% working fine .
    hope this helps anyone struggling with this amazing apk .
    Good luck and thanks @ TechDoctorUK for already having this sorted for everyone in no time at all .

  27. chris ramsay says

    What a man. Thank you 👍

  28. talama7moud says

    Hi thx for ur videos👍plz can u tell me what happened to V-sat ….most the international channels r off thx

  29. vijay baxani says

    Is there any audio codec available that I need to download so that the sky channels can work?the video quality is amazing but there is no audio as it says media cannot be played by this device.mine is the basic edition fire stick.Thank you very much.

  30. Sara Rose says

    Thank you so much 👍👍👍

  31. Jewelry Limited says

    very well!

  32. Alison Guinney says

    Wow, works flawless on firestick – thank you will subscribe 😊

  33. melihad1 says

    You are right, my VPN must have blocked it. It worked great but I can't use it without VPN. Thanks for the awesome videos. Keep doing an awesome job!!!!
    Also, any word on the lite version of TTV 1.9.5? I never download them until I get the mod version. They run perfectly for us. Thanks for all that you do!!!

  34. jahangir Miah says

    Only one problem some channels don’t have sound?

  35. David12345678D says

    Does ANYONE knows a Canadian APK or Kodi addon or m3u ANYWHERE? I'm dying here in CANADA!!!!! DX (must have CP24 ON!)

  36. Dee Wigs says

    Tried this apk and solid streams apk. Both good thus far. Subscribed to your channel. Keep it coming.

  37. Brad Haines says

    Thank you so much for your videos and the DroldAdmin page. You have made it so easy.

  38. Miss B says

    Cant get driodadmin to come up on my firestick

  39. Debbie McCalla says

    I would love only a WESTERN channel. Any suggestions? I love the olders shows and movies. Thanks

  40. jahangir Miah says

    Working fine thanks Mate

  41. Shieldwars says

    Keep filling you Droidadmin Excellent Great place to grab some apps
    TechDoctorUK Thanks for your hard work top job

  42. Kamal Miah says

    Thank you so much for sharing buddy it works on my fire stick. Again thank you so much. Really appreciate it.

  43. melihad1 says

    For some reason it won't work for me 🙁 I downloaded the apk from your Droid admin but when it starts up it blacks out and doesn't fully loaded the "enter" screen. I restarted the firestick to see if that was the issue. I'm trying to delete and reinstall it. I'll let you know if there are further issues. Thanks for the videos!!!!

  44. explosiv0 says

    Crashes bk to home screen on my android box

  45. ask mefirst says

    After few days it stop working.

  46. Ruga.20 Ma says

    You are the best.
    You can create a telegram channel to immediately inform us to watch any of your new content on youtube,,many people would see it on time and eadily than emails alert.

  47. VICENTE STA ANA says

    I also installed the LEADER IPTV. Same thing happened with EMBRATORIA.

  48. VICENTE STA ANA says

    I installed this last night. First time i opened it , i've waited because it's booting then shut down. Second time i tried, it shut off and wouldn't even start.

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