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Watch Live HD Channels From USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, France, Turkey, Albania +More

Box Used
Nvidia Shield http://amzn.to/2D2MULz

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  1. Yahyaoppo Yahyaopop says

    You are the best

  2. Yahyaoppo Yahyaopop says

    After this video I subscribed to you

  3. sevante gosto says

    This App Is No Good It Tell You To Go To http And When You Search That Address It Says Address Not Found So This App Sucks!

  4. drazen micto says

    Is there a link for windows pc app?????

  5. Siva Ravendra says

    what to download what to click?

  6. Babushi BOO says

    Not working don’t bother 👎👎

  7. dread roberts says

    i want it on my roku

  8. Egla Aponte says

    I just subscribed. I’m new to all this. Ur information is really good and simple to understand. Thanks a lot! I live in Puerto Rico. 🇵🇷

  9. Javaid Channa says

    The download does not work, please update the download link

  10. Michael Davis says

    Shits laggy as fuck

  11. Khabib Time says

    where is the download link?

  12. TOP IPTV Iptv says

    شاهد جميع قنوات bein sport show والدراما والعالم العربي على أفضل سيرفر اي بي وبدون تقطيع بسعر مناسب جدا
    ممكن طلب يوزر لتجربة ل12 ساعه

  13. adrian mixit says

    link please. Thanks Fred

  14. Delvis Cruz says

    Thanks for the information 👍💪

  15. Shah says

    thank goodness. I'll give this a try

  16. bradley Trevaskis says

    i havethis it s very slow often crushes and freezen

  17. billy somerville says

    utter shit guys like anything free it sucks yes theres loads off channels good luck in getting any to play for more then 30 seconds not worth the download

  18. sbstelecom says

    Fred,I have tried 2 browsers (Firefox and Silk), and I keep getting the message that the download is not working. Any suggestions?

  19. Earl Lester says

    Could you put that on your Amazon Fire stick

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