5700+ Premium IPTV Channels On Roku and Other Devices

Get 5700+ Premium IPTV Channels From All Over The World In Multiple Languages On Your Roku.
IPTV Sensation is a premium IPTV service provider that gives you 5700 plus channels of live TV video on demand, sports packages, PPV, Kids programming, movie channels adult channels and more. You also get access to many of the latest movies and TV shows on demand. You get all of this for less than $18 a month. Not only can you load the service on the Roku but you can also load on your iPhones, iPads and even Apple TV 4s and up if you have them. There is also content for more than 25 countries in a dozen languages.
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  1. joseph pray says

    how much does it cost ?

  2. Raymond Murphy says

    This cant be legal?

  3. Tanya Brown says

    Can you edit and delete or remove channels you don't use

  4. Michael Hoybook says

    You didn't mention that you MUST have a Paypal account. I dropped paypal several years ago because of their leftist political actions. I'll pass.

  5. Gianbo Lowso says

    thats good and all but you never explained how to get the M3U playlist player? on my ROKU. I have a "TCL" ROKU T.V.

  6. funa mota says

    We need the url here on YouTube I got the 3 day free trial but. I need help with the ulr

  7. LaCaius Ennice Reddick says

    Hey Larry, you didn't leave the promo code?

  8. Ashley Chase says

    how do I get a Roku App? my Roku does not have this screen

  9. Felicia Ulmer says

    Anything like this for free

  10. funa mota says

    Savage you got porn hub 😂😂😂😂👍

  11. /kj/kvvv/vv/kv/k says

    I signed up for this……. I had it
    A week…..half the channels won't load and it hangs up alot. And it takes between 8-10 minutes to load when you turn it on each day.
    It has an annoying commercial that plays every time you change channels—–again and again endlessly.
    I just cancelled it……for $20 more a month I can go back to Direct TV Now….no issues.

  12. onesri says

    I am disappointed with ROKU!!!! I want to see news channels (CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC)and cooking channels like Food Network. Where can I find these channels? Nothing on Sling TV. Any help would be greatly appreciated as my cable bill keep going up.

  13. Christel Brown says

    thus does not work at all period.

  14. Rodrigo Legorreta says

    It is euros not pounds

  15. Susan Worden says

    Well it didn't work. It stayed on retrieving forever again. and only 3 Icons were added to my iptv m3u download. Not sure what the problem is, but IPTV support didn't want me to download it this way and they want me to go http://www.iptvsensation.com/roku, unzip files and then read instructions inside the zip file if you have ever done it this way please fill me in if possible because I have tried this a number of times and it hasn't worked yet. And of course IPTV support claims there is nothing wrong with there app. They are no help at all and don't have a chat or 800 toll free number for help on this. I'm frustrated. Thanks for listening.

  16. Susan Worden says

    do you have to enable roku developer?

  17. Susan Worden says

    Hi Larry, I was having the same problem as another guy below. My entry with free trial for an hour when I tried to download the IPTV stayed on retrieving screen also. So I have purchased and am going to attempt again to download IPTV sensation. Wish me luck!

  18. Ken Mcmaster says


  19. Paul Kinosian says

    One of the most important items for many is how many streams do you get? I have 5 tv's and 6 streaming units need to know if one price covers all or one per streaming device. How many streams?

  20. Jerry Moody says

    Good informative post. You know the various packages offered are very reasonable in the own right but (here it comes) this advertising borders on "bait and switch"! All I head mentioned o

  21. McgibonyM says

    larry im having a real had time putting iptv sensation on to my roku and i didn't get a email direct to me its in the email when i sign up and i have the info but its different can u help

  22. Greg Gulliver says

    Like how it clearly states in the description that this is a pay tv service. A lot of videos for IPTV have no mention of payment and people end up thinking if they download the apk they automatically get all the channels for free. Nice to have someone out there providing all necessary info not just half of it. Keep up the good work.

  23. Marcus Sills says

    Question. If I have 5 TVs and each TV has an android box. Could I use the basic package that's €15 for all the android boxes in my home?

  24. Paul K says

    Joke. What happen to free tv? Everone is selling out.

  25. Steven Cooley says

    Why do you make a video that you have to pay to get to watch the live tv because my dad’s tv that has Roku is in his camper and he doesn’t use it that much expect when he camping and one place we go doesn’t have WiFi at that campground

  26. neuspeed gun says

    On kodi this is free

  27. vao bee says

    This company is a big scam.
    They worked under different name ….once scammed a few thousand they shut down and open under different name. They are China based and Chinese run…..customer support non existent and they will take your money and run. Buyer beware

  28. Jenny Pizarro says

    Mine does not have IPTV why

  29. Zolin45Games says

    Is it me or am I the only one seeing pornhub

  30. Walberto Colon says

    Is it stuck on retrieving because it has nothing to retrieve or what's going on ? Throw me a bone here !

  31. Walberto Colon says

    Any Roku ? I have the Roku Express + and I was able to install or upload the app, but still waiting for it to finish "Retrieving " the files. According to Larry's video he mentioned he was able to do in 5 minutes ( I understand he might have meant give or take) , and to be patient. I went back in to see if any changes but NOTHING, still "RETRIEVING". Any help, anyone ?

  32. Walberto Colon says

    Larry, how do I get to work ? You say in the video to be patient and that it took you about 5 minutes to upload. I tried and tried again and yesterday I walked away because I was siting there waiting and 50 minutes had gone by and all I was getting on the screen was, RETRIEVING . Again 50 minutes and still retrieving. Can you or any of you lend a helping hand? I will be highly appreciated.

  33. alfalfafalafelmafia says

    M3u channel does not have IPTV Sensation.

  34. mrmains says


  35. Legends Universe says

    you have pornhub on Roku lmao

  36. Sasha Feaster says

    Did you see the porn hub 😂

  37. Bx Gaucho says

    How do you obtain remote tab

  38. Ronald Saenz says

    Almost all the channels in Canada are not working. Not even the news actually. So I don’t know if I should pay for the full month if I can’t get all the channels. I just tried 1 hour

  39. Ronald Scott says

    After all of the interesting negative comments and your not responding…I'm OUT

  40. Raymond Kennon says

    Thought this was free tv my bad bi have this channel downloaded on my Roku tv but cant find free Cable TV too put on it any ideas

  41. manuel castro says

    larry i paid two days ago and i can't get an email from them i got order number but i i sign in it ask me to put in a code from them but i can't get the email can you see what you can do i got order number thank you fred i paid already iptv sensation

  42. Jerry Gibson says

    You do a good job.  You use voice to explain, not typing and music blarring in the background.  Does this app have a serach engine where you can put in a name and it just goes and find it?

  43. manuel castro says

    larry i'm not that good with a computer but can you help me with thru remote control?

  44. Endrix Rodriguez says

    No discounts

  45. Gary B says

    Hi , is there any way I can get a guide on my new tv with roku? Please reply to me!

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