AceStream Quick Use Guide

Step 1 : Go to and download the program and install it. (I already had it installed)

Step 2: Open up Ace Player

Step 3: Go to

Step 4: click on the game or event you want to watch make sure you check the language (ENG is english) and it should open up automatically in ace player

*****Alternate way if you cant find what you want*****

After Step 2. Go to or depending on what you would like to watch.

Step 3: click on the game you want to watch and do a ctrl + F on the keyboard and type in acestream.

Step 4: make sure you copy the whole address with the acestream: included

Step 5: open up aceplayer and click on media

Step 6: Click on “Open Network Stream” or ctrl + N and past that address into the space and click play.


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