With over 2000 IPTV Links, This list is one of the best IPTV Lists that has been out together and has been put together by our good friend Adryan 🙂

Adryan Live TV List

Adryan List for Live stream pro


Adryan PLaylist loader list

Repos used
Playlist loader

livestream pro

Enjoy this one guys.. I really think you will like it

Kind Regards
Husham Memar .


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. #teamhusham

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  1. BOSS-TECH says

    I added his playlistloader and getting playlist loader it down?

  2. Roy Ross says

    delete this…….. NONE WORKS

  3. The Star Man says

    Oh dear, sorry Hushy not working!

  4. Gerald Bartlett says

    dont work

  5. Lefterono says

    Hey man can yoi give me the greek one please?

  6. Darlene Rushton says

    not working in playlist loader?

  7. Zoli1972s says

    Sorry. Not working for me. When I add the (correct) list to Playlist Loader name it and try to open the list, it says "script failed". What's wrong?

  8. William Gaddam says

    Hi Usham, great list if your instructions work; but they did not.  Here is the reason why.  You show us how great a list it is after you have installed it properly.  Then you don't show us how you installed Playlist Loader.  I know you forgot and did another video on it.  Then you confused me with Adryan IPTV and you went to the end and showed me how great it is before you told me how to install it.I hope you did what you promised that you are working on a "big solution".  I hope you did.  I will go to your videos and see you have done it yet.  Man, this video is so confusing.  If it does what you told us, it will the best solution for IPTV.

  9. Ross Frederick says

    Hi, Thanks for the Vid . I noticed you have Zeus on your screen ? Did you not tell us not to use that guy or have I got it wrong.

  10. Eddie Curry says

    when i clear data kodi is asking for pin password ???

  11. Jeff Jordan Music says

    Yeah it was getting hard to stay connected yesterday and i couldnt connect at all today. Thanks for looking in to it

  12. Jeff Jordan Music says

    This was the best, but now it's gone. I will miss the mlb network. It was nice while it lasted ?

  13. Artwork Asylum says

    thanks so much husham, your videos help me so much

  14. Lisa Garcia says

    Adryan IPTV is in spanish and the others don't work ???

  15. SpiderMack says

    there is one channel i want so bad but cant find it anywhere CSN BAY AREA Sports channel need my raiders highlights after game interviews live

  16. Willie Pole says

    i need an iptv channel for the life time movie network. Im not talking about the regular life time channel. Im talking about the life time movie network that plays only movies!!!! Help me

  17. Edwin Vazquez says

    that is a nice list men thank u awesome work!

  18. Bill P says

    Dosen't work in fact the first link shows 403 forbidden You don't have permission to access /adryan/stalker001.m3u on this server-tried this same list as it was on Soloman channel same result

  19. rob mcgee says

    how do I get the uk  and Canada and us playlist also add it

  20. Destiny Productions says

    Ok the FTA channels did work Thanks so much Husham!

  21. Destiny Productions says

    None of the channels worked for me. They show up in loader and Live stream with no luck.

  22. SpiderMack says

    what programs have pvr simple client in em i deleted mine by mistake and i tried install it through there web zip and it failed on andriod metricom any help thnx your vids and joe are great entertainment

  23. Gabriela Galetari says


  24. Graham Murphy says

    thanks m8

  25. Cj Carmen says

    oh, okay,, thank you.. love the videos. . by far my favorite youtuber on kodi

  26. Mark says

    how to get the tv icon on (10:49) between videos and pictures?

  27. Cj Carmen says

    ive seen a few youtubers with jurassic sports.. how is it? where do you get it?

  28. jerry fish says

    Most of the channels not working but thanks anyways

  29. ash29k says

    brilliant!! thanks Husham, you're a bloody star mate! Thanks to Adryan for the list

  30. Trevor Hazlewood says

    most of channels don't work no premium channels work.

  31. EmAyeDblTeeWhy says

    Works fine

  32. KC Charles says

    For me, it doesn't work on the Live TV and the Playlist Loader. Nothing happens and doesn't open. Please help

  33. KriTic@L says

    all my mac url's are done. they been working up till today. so im at a dead end with this one.

  34. TnC4Life82 says

    Hashman my kodi has been buffering alot lately is that normal is there a fix to it im useing the firestick im on kodi 15.1 happens on all addons please help thanks

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