Best iptv Service 2018 – XstreamingTV

Best iptv Service 2018 – XstreamingTV
this is one of the Best iptv Services of 2018 out there, go ahead and check it out! i hope you guys enjoyed watching this video , please if you did don’t you forget to hit that like, and subscriber

check it out from:


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  1. Young Feisty says

    Don't try this it's horrible and can't get in contact with customer service. Sucks

  2. Baitullah UlHaq Ul Islam says

    You Muslim bro ?

  3. Loren Blair says

    XstreamingTV sucks

  4. s bhm says

    Really Really nice Really Really good !!

  5. roy andrade says

    Does it have BTN
    big ten network??

  6. roy andrade says

    I can’t find a channel list on there website can you point me to a channel list please ??

  7. Giordy giordy says

    Great channel!! If you do everything right it will work like it worked for me!!

  8. Slim Goodie says

    This video didn't tell me HOW this was the best. You didn't demonstrate anything just a lot jaw jacking….. Hilarious !!!!

  9. Ricardo Salgado says


    How do I watch or install this on my smart tv. I noticed in the website there’s an m3u and epg

  10. Zion Peace says

    It's just rebranded Vader streams. Why not just purchase from Vader streams uk. It's a lot less expensive.

  11. gucci paul says

    How do i log out of apk

  12. Tom Cat says

    NOTHING is working. No apk, no Webplayer. Support doesn't give any answers.

  13. Me Notu says

    I think it died this morning nothing works including the website. WTF.

  14. willaim munny says

    does not work

  15. Young Feisty says

    Tv box. What about firestick

  16. RebornThroughHate says

    So you watched Soloman's video on this and are parroting it. OK. This iptv is Vader Streams. Same channels, same channel groupings (including Vader's match center, live events, premium movies, and all the other sections), same quality. It even connects to vaders(dot)tv when you log into the webpage to watch streams on there. Difference is price: Vaders $40/3 months. This one here $50/2 months. I just don't yet know if they made a deal with Vader to directly use their streams or if Vader are changing name and made a new website or if this is an illegitimate iptv that is stealing from Vader. I say the last part because the last couple days, Vader have been having server issues for the first time in months. It seems strange that this iptv came out at this time. We'll see. I wouldn't do a long subscription yet – for those interested – until it all clears up and, for now, a month at a time only.

  17. Steven Taylor says

    How do I log out of the apk

  18. Magic trick 980 says

    The best channel in YouTube

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