Best IPTV Service – Nothing Comes Close in 2018!

Best IPTV Service. If you are looking for the best IPTV for your fire tv, fire stick, Kodi or android device, then you have found it! Loaded with over 250 US channels, UK channels, with access to Pay Per View Boxing, UFC, and all the sports you can think of including NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, NHL, and much much more! This IPTV belongs in your home on as your one stop solution to the best HD streams!

The channel list includes your favorites like HBO, Cinemax and much much more!

Make sure you watch the entire video and hit the subscribe button because this promo is for ReviewDork Subscribers Only!

Best IPTV Promocodes

“reviewdork” for single line (no quotes)
“reviewdork2” for multi-line options (no quotes)

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If you have been looking to cut the cord and save HUGE on your monthly cable subscription, then IPTV is for you!

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  1. ReviewDork says

    This is the absolute best live streaming IPTV service hands down guys! Use "reviewdork" no quotes for the promo of single line package, and "reviewdork2" no quotes for multi-line package! Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below! Is this the best IPTV service you've seen in 2018 ?

    To Help with the confusion! Gears TV and The Mayfair Guide go for 17.50 so you get a 2 dollar discount (link in description above) and the best IPTV GUIDE with the Mayfair Guide…

  2. MIguel Idrovo says

    promotional code has expired, do you have any other codes?

  3. Jaak Bertram says

    keep up the good work bro

  4. Kevin H says

    Is this available through Roku?

  5. Dale's101 Thinking. says

    Well you have an adorable voice so let the haters hate

  6. john zaremba says

    Downloaded the Mayfair guide. Can’t get it to work with the apk. Gears on Kodi you can access the config and check off the box to add the Mayfair. How do you get it to sync with the apk of gears. Thanks. 👍🏻

  7. Otto Thompson says

    come on no nfl channel what up with that I just purchase this too

  8. JOSEMusicPage says

    How many mbps should my internet be for reliable service?

  9. MrJEDIJORDAN says

    this is the best iptv service on the market atm ,
    why waste all your time by having links ( M3U files) shut down all the time having to search everyday?
    The best IPTV out there all full HD channels international TV too plus movies, new movies , adult channels and sport uk and america, ppv, etc , boxsets and more

  10. Anthony Attwood says

    I done everything and your coupon to get it cheaper has expired so I really hope its worth the money 👍

  11. Manapua808 says

    I sub and trying to pay for 1 but when i tried to put the promocode it doesn't work

  12. Oscar Mariscal says

    Does the code still work

  13. Captain_Dirt says

    I pay $15.00 a month. What is up with the $17.50 a month ???

  14. jon suejoj says

    this looks like it would be good but would somebody be able to get local channels abc cbs nbc

  15. billy boop billy boop says

    It crap

  16. John Roviel Limpin says

    code expired…

  17. chris stephens says

    NO offense but SET TV is far superior…..much less lag….much better picture quality….many many more channels….also for 20 bucks you can use 3 devices versus gears only one device…trust me ive had both…dont waste your time on GEARS TV..junk no shit….and btw i only paid 15 bucks a month for gears tv on hosting bros .com…save yor money for set tv

  18. Gary Brown says

    Is there a free trial I can try out before I finalize anything? From the looks to me I’m sold.

  19. JoAnn Ellison says

    Hi ReviewDork,my first time here. Is there a plan for more than 2 devices? I need 3, and want to share 2?

  20. Carolyn Shelton says

    Just tried to use your "reviewdork" to get the promo and it said that it had expired! So sorry!

  21. J Sylvestre says

    No setv

  22. Derek Simenac says

    you sound a little like Mike Tyson

  23. alfonso ferrentino says

    I’m a cook if you need help in your restaurant

  24. Ismael Bakali says

    Fake and doesn’t work

  25. Morrisa Gibson says

    I just downloaded the Gears (BTW they no longer offer a discount with the offercode). I must have an older version of Kodi because when we try the system settings they are different than what you have. I am not tech savy but I am usually able to walk through thinks with your videos. Any help?

  26. John Doe says

    Lmao hangin low bro lol fuck tha haters

  27. Gaza strip says

    The promo code reviewdork does not work it says that its expired

  28. Just Me says

    Is there an iptv that doesn't buffer or kick you off a channel often ? TIRED of experimenting, buying 1 month plans for garbage IPTV. I want cable gone but cant with some of the IPTV services I've tried

  29. Just Me says

    Why no free trial for 2 or 3 days ? As a possible customer, I'm more inclined to go with a service that has enough confidence to offer 2 or 3 days free, to see how it is, then one that's afraid too

  30. peter lozano says

    I did the "wife" test and it failed more than settv. This means having it on all day on different channels including children channels. It buffers constantly with/without a vpn service (using the one you recommended) I also changed the vpn protocol to see if it would change the performance. I also have Google fiber Internet 1000mbps speeds. So it's definitely not my connection since my shield is hardwired into my gateway. Any advice on an alternative? I don't like nitro cuz it's known to shut off on you when you want to watch something on prime time watching (speaking of ppv events)

  31. Lp Pancake says

    This isn’t free. Don’t waste your time

  32. Tom Malczyk says

    So can we still get the service for 15.50 with Gears and Mayfair APK now that they have an APK up ? or does this discount only apply to Mayfair on Kodi. If it does apply to the Mayfair APK, how do you get the discount ? Thanks!

  33. Evan Langguth says

    had to subscribe after that balls dropping comment!

  34. tkfmmaxi says

    hi again review i,m new to all this can you help me?………………….how do i get to watch the EPL on Gearstv?

  35. Raul Duke says

    Shhhhhhhhhshhhhshhhhhhhshhhhh shh shh is all I hear.

  36. Rick Allen says

    Any tips on 1Channel for Kodi 18?

  37. dat le says

    I have 2 devices. Does the subscription only good for one one fire stick or fire tv?

  38. Vanguard556 says

    Is there a way to remove the "adult" selections from view? I don't want my kids getting into that.

  39. Jonathan Torres says

    Can I use a VPN with this service. I just purchased it and don't want anything to mess me up.

  40. Jonathan Hobart says

    Where do I get my username and password from? I just payed!!

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