BEST Kodi 17.6 Addon!! 🔥COVENANT!🔥 NEW Install (March 2018) NEW EXODUS! Easiest Setup

🔥COVENANT!🔥 NEW Install (March 2018) BEST Kodi 17.6 Addon!! NEW EXODUS! Easiest Setup

COVENANT is the NEW Exodus!! Best Addon Ever for Movies & TV Shows

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Awesome & Amazing Addon includes:
– Movies
– TV Shows
– My Movies
– My TV Shows
– New Movies
– New Episodes
– Channels
– Tools
– Search

Source Link for Covenant:

Alternate Link:

Get Kodi On Your Apple TV 4, iPhone or iPad Forever Without A Developer’s Account

Kodi 17.6 / 17.5.1 / `17.5 / 17.4 / 17.3 / 17.2 / 17.1 Krypton is a new version. It has almost every movie and TV show ever made available. No need for downloading and/or watching ads – everything is streamed and ad-free.

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  1. Alvin Peri says

    Love your sexy voice ❤️❤️❤️

  2. William Graham says

    How do I ad covenant to my build 17.6 did not add it

  3. Reyshawn Jones says

    I am having issues trying to install this the Colossus repository keeps failing

  4. Glynis Wright says

    Trying to add this on the no limits wizard I keep getting failed to install
    Slightly different to the kodi system found file manager but to go to add ons cannot find this video add on just shows everything that’s on there
    I’m stuck

  5. Nas Kutak says

    The link was good maybe 5 months ago 🙁 but ty any way

  6. Trevor DePass says

    failed to install from zip file…

  7. fluffy Unicorn says

    Do i need to install kodi no limits build for this because i install from zip select the zip but when i go to find covenant it isn't in the list:/

  8. Rafael Quiles says

    not working 🙁

  9. Maria Rivera says

    2017 movies-have " NO STREAMING AVAILABLE" BUT MOVIES 2015, 2016 LOAD PERFECTLY. How do I adjust?

  10. Johnny Mendez says

    All this fucking videos none of them work

  11. hamza infos says

    I'd love to hear the guy's voice in upcoming videos thank you

  12. Jerry Cruz says

    Says Failed to install… why?

  13. Kevin Almeida says

    No limits please respond. When i select a link in Covanent it scrolls thru the links again to find one that works. And when it does its not of good quality and stutters and stops and takes forever to load. Is there an issue. I did not have this problem before in Exodus. I am running 17.4RC from your download. I would like to download 17.4 because the version check says i need to update. Any help please?

  14. Danny Lopez Team says

    download failed

  15. 36Trueman says

    Movies won't play after about 30-35 minutes. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  16. Angelina S says

    Failed to install from repo, I uninstalled kodi and reinstalled, running 17.4

  17. leesa James says

    I have been downloading Kodi over and over and it don't work right, 😔😡 very frustrated with it ,the 17.3 and now the 17.4 and it's the same problem the constant buffering, cutting off right in the middle of my show can't stream no live programs , PLEASE HELP😡😡😡😡

  18. shadow run says

    men r idiots. cant just be quiet, like they should be!!! and do the addon.need to be stupid sexist morons..

  19. Rachael Swan says

    It's works during day but doesn't on an evening

  20. Christina *Daughter of The King says

    Helllo, Can you please help? When I went to install it said failed to install and I dont know why….Do you have any idea why it is doing this?

  21. Brandon Crispi says

    Failed to install from zip file.

  22. Keake Williams says

    I keep getting an error message that says "failed to install". what do i do?

  23. Roger Curren says

    I put in code and it is stuck it has been online for 30 min how do i fix it

  24. Ghost says

    Each time I try to install the zip file I I get a message in the top right corner saying "Failed to install addon" can anyone please suggest what may be going wrong. I have enabled addons from unknown sources.

  25. augusttaurus says

    Hi, I follow the steps and found out when I try to install, it failed due to the source I couldnt download it. In my source it always is 0KB, how should i do?

  26. Professor Brown says

    Every time I try to install the actual Zip file it tells me it failed to install from Zip. What am I doing wrong? Please help! Thanks

  27. SuperDave21 says

    It won't install Colossus from the zip file…. box says "Failed to Install"…. what can I do now? I have NO add-ons for this reason.

  28. Richie Prosperous BONGALE says

    how to fix no stream available on covenant and kodi 17.3 krypton?

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