Best Kodi 17.6 build 2017 fully loaded and working with free movies sports addons – ONE Alliance

Best KODI 17.5 build 2017 fully loaded and working with free movies sports kodi addons of October 2017

Truly brilliant work, fast, basic, simple, not overloaded but works 🙂 this kodi build will get you Movies/ TV Shows / Sports and Live TV with Live Sports access all free. This build is called the OneAlliance kodi build
The updates on Match of the day, Football highlights & Sports replays are amazing.

If you had the build before this is the new updates to the build
-Be.T sports and Sly Sports backups, now linked to Deliverance.
-Deliverance re-added and Deliverance widget added to live sports
-Pauls Picks added to live sports submenu
-Falcon Sports removed
-Mobdina Sports channels added
-Music live tv and News live added to music and TV listings submenu
-World IPTV added to tv listings submenu as well as Supremacy added
-Karaoke back in music section
-New live events in sports section
-Supremacy sections added to multiple submenus
-Xmas movies added
-Uraeus, Poseidon, Pyramid, Bob also and added to movies
-Poseidon also added To Tv Shows
-Quick manual update option under (1A) heading in green (Update My build) please note this is the fresh install option, if you want standard then go back when on that screen.
-Under the Favourites submenu, you will see quick addon links for supremacy, Bob Unleashed, UK Turks, Bennu I have done this is as the add-ons are great but up and down and a lot of menu changes breaks the links so direct addon link should be fine
-Match of the day, Football highlights, Sports replays, Project D all added to sports on demand. Motor Sports too up and down at the moment so some extra options now.
-Soaps catchup working again, catch up tv re-added.
-Every single sublink checked,re-linked and 100% working at the time of release.
I think that is your lot, possibly best update yet.

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Please watch: “BEST Build Kodi 18 Leia 2018 – Husham Batman Build”


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  1. GOOGLE USER says

    There is a huge problem with 17.5 and that is that you cannot share over a Samba Network. You cannot browse to your folders on the network. It is all over the Internet that there's a problem with Samba in 17.5 so I had to start all over and go back to 17-3 which worked.

  2. James Holloway says

    No longer works

  3. Bob o says

    Tell us what build you have at home titanium or this?

  4. Michael Crippen says

    it is still down

  5. Eric Kirkland says

    Can't retrieve directory information. I've checked the internet connection and still can't install. Can anyone help me with this problem.

  6. Michael Crippen says

    it was down but i do not know if it is up now or not

  7. Mazen AlSadoon says

    Couldn't retrieve directory information..etc.
    That's what I keep getting

  8. Sok Phan says

    The url not working for me

  9. Michael Crippen says

    that is only best site to watch all sports

  10. Michael Crippen says

    when are u going to do a live show again i love watching it

  11. Michael Crippen says

    some of the sports in there use sport devil but u know that sport devil is no longer around

  12. Michael Crippen says

    it will not download at all

  13. DARK FUZION says

    This Build is top notch! Thanx again! Always with the best & Latest applications & Builds! Your Men!!

  14. Josh Shepherd says

    Perfect every time.

  15. Theresa Smith Canada First says

    I’m confused do I force close or reload profile?

  16. wwwkayak says

    WOW, all I can say is throw away the fear of losing "ALL" your your addon installs and settings. I'm a "I'll do it myself guy", but everything has been breaking since, well, judges got involved. WOW, this is complete, fast, and easy to use.

    I cut the cable.. and got scared as things stopped working one by one. Uninstalled EVERYTHING Kodi related, deleted all folders, rebooted and installed Kodi 17.6.

    Installed this repo and I was back where I was a year ago, which is a good thing! I went from loading proxy fail, fail, fail to loading proxy… my TV is playing 🙂

    Wipe it all, install 16.7 add this repo/build and be done with it !!!!! 🙂

  17. Sam Dawson says

    how is the NFL and NBA streams can't get any builds to play sports in 2 weeks

  18. Chef Spoon says

    Slow it down you speeding thru the steps

  19. evan cunningham says

    Is this build good for a fire stick or is titanium better? Running 17.5

  20. Phil Bourdon says

    perfect as always thank you

  21. Angelo Zarra says

    say "fantastic" again.

  22. beckiee wilson says

    you are the man will do x

  23. beckiee wilson says

    great build are there problems with 17.5

  24. Dejhanae Jackson says

    Do it have widgets

  25. Reggie Fine says

    Unfortunately no video, only sound, I had 4 people try to solve this problem, can you help
    thank you.

  26. Ultimate Funny Videos says

    installed the build and it looks great but all i get is 'no stream available' on movies, tv etc etc.

  27. Rashon Burroughs says

    I get a “failed to install from zip” error when I try to install from zip file

  28. johnwsmith30 says

    duff man 123 movies not working giod build but needs 123 movies

  29. talama7moud says

    Hi bro
    How can I install VOD Arabic and live arabic channels plz
    I tried to install shahid 3.8.0 but I couldn't
    Ur help will be much appreciated thx

  30. Mickey Mania says

    Covenant isn’t working neither is esylium

  31. charlie J says

    You speak too fast.  We are following your directions to install.  You need to slow down please.

  32. Abu Adam says

    17.5 not able to download it says error made for 17

  33. Ralph Jean says

    I like it very nice

  34. Derik Peterson says

    Best build I’ve installed yet. Thanks!

  35. fire19dk17 says

    How long does it take to re-download after I click on force.

  36. mohamed makhlouf says

    I’m looking every wear to find add ons National Geographic Abu Dhabi documentary but i not find

  37. mohamed makhlouf says

    Is it possible to addons National Geographic Abu Dhabi please

  38. Gerard Vath says

    Just forces closes kodi after installed. reinstalled multiple times.

  39. Tayshawn Price says

    And i got could not connect to repository. This is the same error i get on all these builds. Is there any reason i would keep getting this error. I am in the us on my mobile network with unlimited lte data.

  40. Kodi Best Build says

    Great Work Husham (y)

  41. Kodi Best Build says

    Great Work Husham (y)

  42. M Ramps says

    hey Husham. does builds affect functionality of boxes. if the boxes are lower end boxes. 1Gx8G? what would you recommend for someone to use so that boxes run smoothly and not have to struggle with loading builds. thanks in advance

  43. Liam Taylor says

    Thanks it is great

  44. cyber chriz says

    What addon would you suggest if i want to watch anime??

  45. JAMES WILSON says

    I installed everything fine. When I get to the 1a builds menu. And click it. All I see is
    *Jodi version 17.5
    *saved data menu
    *text file for builds not properly formatted.

  46. nestorr moreno says

    What is the best movie add on ?

  47. sam com says


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