Channel Update for April 2016

And we’re back after a break from doing these. XCOM’s done! What’s next?

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  1. GrelltheFabulous says

    "People usually only watch the videos you release recently"

    Literally finished re-watching Blackrock for the second time in one week
    Hahahha I'm normal

  2. Dahn Jetstar says

    with the announcement of the new Dawn of War, id like to see Rythian do the old ones

  3. Venn says

    Hey Rythian just wondering why is your intro so dark sounding, just thought I'd ask 🙂

  4. Deus Vult says

    I would love to see the yogscast do another story-based minecraft series like they did with soi, tekkit, and moonquest. but thats just my opinion 🙂

  5. firemagewizard says

    Will the black rock story carry on?

    J.K I know how zoey has died from YouTube and you can't be bothered

  6. Mean Canadian says

    hey rythian, you have always been into storyline games and you were very successful with blackrock, minecraft is a game of creativity and personal RP so givin the combanation of veiw success and deep storyline blackrock is perfect for you and as A LOT of people will agree we as subscribers want to see blackrock

  7. Vore Love says

    I would love to see a CK2 by rythian. Vikings! Vikings everywhere!

  8. Lol in Yolo says

    Damnit rythian. Now what am I gonna complain about if I can't complain about boredom?

  9. Jörgen Nilsson says

    Greetings from a fellow Swede
    Really like your commentary on XCOM 2 and I also like Civ 5 stuff – partly because that's what I play myself. Will certainly look through your old playlists to see if there is something (else) that "grab me" in the same way, and since your commentary are a big part of the experience, I certainly have hopes for finding something really nice (but no, I generally do not delve in to Minecraft or WoW) 🙂

    Keep it up, but in a way that gives you most possible pleasure yourself!


  10. kellen liame says

    I'd personally send you some positive messages in your ask box on tumblr if i remembered any of my login info, (awkward…), but rythian, if you need a break, just tell us you need a break, I guarantee the other yogscast members can easily pick up on some of the slack and just dick around with you for awhile in gmod or something, maybe someone could make a montage or two, things to extend that break. in all seriousness, when WAS your last major break?

    im waffling now, my bad. anyways, dude, you are my favorite youtuber of all time, i personally believe that its criminal you have so few subscribers compared to other big channels like yogscast main, or pewdiepie or markiplier, since you make content up there on their level of quality. I know, I know, ~700,000 subscribers shouldnt be considered "a few" you've reprimanded me before, but you're just THAT good!

    I'm getting to the point of wanting to beg to play some kinda game with you and meet you in one way or another, so I'd better stop before I get too annoying. thanks for reading

  11. Warlock 5490 says

    Hi rythian old fan I'm just going to say that whatever you do I'll stick with you about 3 years ago I would have a crap day absolutely horrible and I'd go home and see you uploaded (black rock was still my favourite) and it would cheer me up completely so I want to thank you for that and I know you've definitely gotten thousands of requests for this but tell us what happened to black rock or continue it whatever happens I'm sure it will be completely awesome anyway sorry for my rambling probably not even reading this but if you are one final message thank you from me and a large amount of your other fans

  12. The Full Tru7h says

    Anyone else think that Rythian takes youtube more seriously than anyone else in the Yogscast?

  13. iwatchmotivids says

    have a shitty pc and no money 🙂

  14. Lucifer says


  15. Grizzly says

    Why don't you do Tavern Brawls with Zoey anymore? I know there are often repeats, but you could still do them whenever there's a new brawl. If Zoey's up for doing them, of course.

    Which brings me to my other point, I think you should bring in people to your channel and do more videos with others. I don't know how the behind-the-scenes stuff of co-op videos work (like do you get a cut from appearing in a video on another channel, and so would you need to pay people a cut to appear on your channel?) but having people with you kind of takes the pressure off of you having to carry the whole video. Much of the appeal of the Yogscast in general is when you're doing stuff together, the banter and laughs and all that. That doesn't mean you'd need to do GTA co-op videos or anything on your channel, but I'm sure you could find some such games that could work here.

    I'd also suggest doing more one-off videos, just you trying out different games you're interested in (a la Sjindie Games, An Evening with Sips). That'd be a great way of possibly finding those games that really work for you and your audience too.

  16. Death Stalker says

    I love these

  17. SmilingDemon says

    what game was that

  18. lavaicle says

    Rythian, I was gonna make a long winded paragraph about how much we love you but in the end this is how it is. Your subscribers are generally viewers who only comeback to you to watch the games they like, because all of us love your personality but some games just do not interest. It's always going to be hard to try and captivate your viewers but by trying to be more real with your subscribers and your viewers it will get better, and without a doubt it will be difficult and I can respect that but you will make it. Anyway, speaking on behalf of your subscribers, we love your videos. Keep up the good work and stay diligent, we completely understand and agree with the points made in this video and in my opinion you should do more videos like this even if it doesn't get as well watched as other videos. Wow I made a long winded paragraph anyway – I fucking love you!

    Just please PLEASE don't do a nilesy on us, we all miss nilesy and we'd all miss you.

  19. breannam611 says

    you need to find the game that you enjoy playing but don't mind backseat gaming. I think martyn has that problem with mario maker sometimes.

  20. my spider says

    What about black rock oh wait its a yogscast Minecraft series nvm

  21. breannam611 says

    if you end up still uncertain you should consider a spotlight show. Something similar to sips' 'Evening with sips' or Sjin's 'Sjindie games'. I would really love to know your opinion on some games that I don't think you will do a whole play through.

  22. InvertedMixCactus says

    even though it was a while ago what happened to blackrock ?

  23. Blackajack says

    Darkest dungeon would probably make you rage, but it's Xcomy-ish and I think you would really like it.

  24. Korin Gower-grieves says

    theres agot (a game of thrones) mod for ck2

  25. allthecarts says

    I'm sure you already know what we want, a poll won't be needed (Blackrock)

  26. Wildcard says

    cmon man chin up.

  27. Papa J says

    Rythian you need to do a story based game, I feel you excel in heavy story driven games and people enjoy your deep yet sensible role playing. For example your Bioshock or Dishonoured series', which for me are the best video game series on YouTube. You did them so well it felt like a genuine tv show.

  28. Alexander Richards says

    I agree crusader kings would be great for you to play.

  29. thecooltube says

    try natural magic

  30. Crash Game Reviews says

    It's kinda hard to find out what people want to watch especially when you twitch stream it. the yogscast was built on WoW and Minecraft so i can imagine it's difficult to make different content that appeals to everyone, but g-mod, GTA, and minecraft are still huge hits. it's kinda like what do you want, money? or happiness? that's kinda how it feels when you gotta record all the time. I my self struggle with the feeling of not being my self when recording.

  31. Mizuki Ayu says

    I like watching you play story games, but those aren't great for livestream always

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