Exodus and Covenant Reborn| Best Kodi addons |New Repo for Exodus/Covenant Content

Exodus and Covenant are Reborn. Best Kodi Addons are back and better than ever.


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  1. Ariel Harris says

    Thank you so much! I had been struggling to find an add on for over an hour!

  2. KyrenWasHere says

    How can i add all showtime channels and watch live sports

  3. GuyPgh says

    Where ya been

  4. John Hampton says

    Thank you and how do I make donation and is it safe ???

  5. Jim Septuagenarian says

    I am a faithful Exodus user. Excellent video Lamont.

  6. Scott Atkins says

    Brother Lamont thats for the addon sir you are starting to look like poppa smurf LOL

  7. Israel Asa says

    Can't hear you. Speak into the Mic. Not the TV.

  8. bye john says

    Great video. I have been missing Exodus and Covenant so thank you for the replacement. Do you know of any update for the F4M tester that works so I can watch my live sports and live TV on Castaway?

  9. Eric G says

    yes, Wachovia IMAX theater sold out in Raleigh nc

  10. ecmathies says

    Can I get live TV

  11. Kodi Best Build says

    Amazing work Lamont

  12. Michael B says

    I respect and appreciate all of your efforts. One suggestion: Put the mic on the side you'll occasionally be facing to improve the audio quality. Keep up the good work!

  13. Harry Richmond says

    what if i get couldn't conncet directory error

  14. spurs fan says

    Won't break Titanic record but might beat Batman vs Superman or even Suicide Squad record

  15. Anthony Hardy says

    Thank you LT.

  16. Rick Bowler says

    would have been nice if we could see the url plus have you not talk to the tv so we could understand what you said..

  17. Derek Owens says

    "Much Appreciation "L.T." "Thank You" !!!

  18. shahid khan says

    I always need some good movie add-on back ups as a lot of stuff goes down.. So thank you once again mate!

  19. Lamont Tyson says

    Exodus and Covenant is reborn under a new repo. Get your movies and tv shows in kodi.

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