EXODUS KODI ADD-ON NEW UPDATE 2018 (Stable & Working Version)

new update Exodus kodi add-on, Exodus add-on is best third party addons for kodi offers you to stream unlimited and free movies and TV shows, The Exodus Kodi addon grants you access to a varied library of online streaming sources, bringing you the latest movies and TV shows straight to your Kodi. If you haven’t then you absolutely must try the Exodus Kodi Addon.

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  1. Thiago Anholeto says

    Perfect! Thanks!

  2. Raisa Hakim says

    Could not connect

  3. viv peplow says

    how do you solve a dependency problem

  4. Cristobal Alvarez says

    2:21 Could not connect….

  5. lynda jones says

    does not work

  6. Bill Harned says

    Doesn’t work

  7. Haha Money says

    I can't get past 2:25 to 2:27 when I click on the tomorrow's release repository it says that it can't open it 💁🏾

  8. Liz Roman says


  9. Ny Giants says

    Exodus keeps failing to install

  10. NewVenari says

    To those to find that KDIL Repo might be unclickable at the 1:24 mark, make sure you delete the final Forward Slash in the link you're meant to copy from the video description. It wouldn't work for me until I did that.

  11. Vendetta says

    What software are you using for your computer generated voice?

  12. Mark Leo jr says

    Wow couldn’t be any easier thanks keep it up!

  13. JNelt1 says

    Works great!

  14. Firestickthatshit says

    5.0 is out…and btw t.k. Norris didn't really put out 4.2

  15. Tiffany Kaye says

    The latest updated version I can get is 4.2.00

  16. Dare Crew says

    I’m 11 and did this so easy thanks

  17. Leah M says

    I had to uninstall my Exodus because it was telling me there was no stream available on just about everything. I watched a couple videos trying to fix it, and nothing worked. This worked perfectly! Thank you. Also very easy to follow video.

  18. vicyuribry says

    Thanks man, but its not working properly, by this i mean that you are helpful, but these versions of exodus don't work like they used to. i tried this on the new kodi 18 for the xbox and even though movies come out, it doesn't get all the real sources out there, because i pluged in my older model box and it has exodus ver 3.1.22 and when i chose a movie it still gives me a lot of sources from where i can choose a movie and they still work, on this version i get only a few. Let me ask you is there a place where i can download older versions of exodus. thanks

  19. Leo Turnbull says

    thank you u r the best

  20. Ernest Jhons says

    It is working now thanks!

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