Exodus KODI addon. Install on KODI 17

How to install Exodus KODI addon on KODI 17.

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  1. Tmzeena G says

    Exodus sucks dick!! every single TV show I try to watch it tells me there's no stream so i cant watch ANY

  2. travis schmidt says

    What do I do if it comes up with the message "couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. would you like to add it anyway?". I am connected to my network and have put in the http://fusion.tvaddons.ag but it just keeps coming up with that message.

  3. paranormalman50 says

    not working

  4. RayMagic12192 says

    press backkkkk

  5. justferfunny says

    this server is permanent down rendering this video useless

  6. Kamil Walczyszyn says

    stopped working?

  7. brayden sanders says

    I type in the exact thing I have to in the file source but when I do it all the thing says is that it couldn't retrieve directory info and I am connected to wifi

  8. brayden sanders says

    this is not working

  9. xxCatxx83 says

    Fusion is currently down so this won't work

  10. Qua Thompson says

    fusion does not work. I've tried this over a dozen times now even uninstalled and reinstalled

  11. Thomas Thai says

    i did everything but after install from zip file, i click on fusion but nothing comes up. what is happening?

  12. 4uryguy says

    fusion "Couldn't connect to network server"

  13. LoneWolfAlpha says

    doesnt work

  14. Darren Boyd says

    why doesn't 2:18 not work for me?

  15. Casual Cook says

    I am getting error message "could not connect to repository" please help

  16. DragonBall SSJ12 says

    thank you so much

  17. Xmoney 1622 says

    thank you so much

  18. c b298 says

    Quick and helpful thanks!

  19. Joe Nowacki says

    Cheers my friend, quick and easy!

  20. Zrichey Rrichey says

    I love it thanks bro your the best!!!!!!!

  21. New-New GAMER says

    He's a liar I did ever step it did no work my mom had to call my cousin

  22. UnknownBeast says

    It's installing I guess all I got was a loading icon it's been loading for 10 mins now

  23. Benjamin Guess says

    I just did this on my moms phone and it works!!! If only I had an android I'm On iPhone.

  24. Kelly Burton says

    Hi Jason.

    Great easy step by step guide. Even I managed it. My IT hubby will be proud of me. Thank you. You are a legend.

  25. Zeyzus says

    im sorry but i love how he says back

  26. Rell Brooks says

    Thank you so much! Hands down, best tutorial! I'm watching Guardians of the Galaxy!

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