EXODUS SLOW? Not any more with this simple fix (2017)

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  1. ThePlug says

    I got my own Alluc and Tmdb API key and no add on will get past the 2nd screen.
    For instance I click on movies >>then people watching and I jus get the loading wheel . Same thing for tv shows. What am I missing ?

  2. KPT KITS says

    Thank you so much now everything is faster no more loading every 15 seconds I will make sure I tell my friends

  3. Denis Paredes says

    video goes slow when the play bar disappeared on kodi using covenant on windows 10

  4. Maxwell Edison says

    My problem is that the spinner that actually loads the darn movie/show list takes 10-20 seconds. More like 60-120+ seconds if I've gone into a show and it's desperately trying to load the seasons list.. What gives? My firestick doesn't seem to like it.

  5. BK Splash says

    good tip! worked good!

  6. Jacqueline Kane Nelson says

    So the ones that are listed last while scraping are the ones that have to go? Thanks again?

  7. Jacqueline Kane Nelson says

    Thanks doc- very helpful?all your tutorials clear concise very easy to watch-and very well to learn as well as well as understand why and what we are doing

  8. Junior Lopez says

    Appreciate your help. After I updated Hard Nox 3.2 my movie section was painfully slow. Still the same after today's 3.3 update. Thought it would speed up the process but no luck. So came here to look up any helpful vids and this really did the trick. 10x faster. Unselected all links from Germany etc and only left the top section which I believe are U.S links and I'm back to watching movies asap. Thank you

  9. John Slammon says

    You can just press cancel after 10 seconds and it'll load the ones that are done already.

  10. Pop Dog says

    my problem is that is takes and while after I tap on the provider

  11. Stevey Mac says

    Has anyone got a list of one's to remove. Mine is still really slow…

  12. jamie harper says

    good tip there

  13. Mark Rojas says

    how do I get to providers section if I am using my android phone?

  14. Mark Rojas says

    how do I go to the settings from a phone?

  15. ryan adams says

    top man! worked a treat

  16. MrSausage72 says

    Nice Tip 🙂 …. Thank You

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