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  1. Emma McGuinness says


  2. Anthony Hitchcock says

    It doesn't work

  3. Christine Sylvester says

    Turn the TV volume off and explain what you are doing…..for goodness aske.

  4. Mac says

    Just a quick thank you to Chris Richards, for the info. Unfortunately it no longer works at least it doesn't on my box but like I said thank. I hate Facebook…

  5. Michael Savage says

    hi.all settings are fine on my box. sometimes sky sports new works and sometimes it doesn't. also sky box office isn't working at all

  6. Chris Richards says

    when you are on the channel press up on the remote then red button for "all" this will bring up other options for the same channel

  7. Adrian Daniels says

    Ok joined Facebook group so what's next

  8. Josh Smi says

    I don't have face ache any chance you could explain how to get euro sport back on the z Gemma h2 s box

  9. Gerwyn Griffiths says

    what do you press

  10. simease Betta F says

    doesant work any more

  11. Lee Hoopski says

    this doesn't work anymore.

  12. simease Betta F says

    still cant find you on facebook . what about sky sports box office

  13. simease Betta F says

    whats your facebook page called

  14. nibbo ofbrad says

    what are u doing ???? we cant here u telling us what buttonyr pressing ect as i dont get this with my zgemma ??

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