Free IPTV – 100+ Free Channels, LEGAL, HD, TV Guide, VOD | Pluto TV | For Firestick, Roku, Android

How to install Pluto TV on Amazon Firestick fire tv and other android devices. This is legal, Has HD Content, and has free movies on Demand. Pluto TV is definitely a nice companion app.

Guys, You should be able to install this from the play store or Amazon App store, However, Here’s a download link just in case:

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  1. Aditya Misra says

    None of the major channels.

  2. bluedogsu says


  3. Joe Silvaggio says

    These all appear to be YouTube channels. I wouldn't consider it actual live IPTV

  4. Rolo Rezo says

    Great video!
    I've downloaded it and the quality is awesome! One problem that I'm having though, I can't get the EPG nor movies or tv series. Is this because I'm not using my VPN?
    Thank you in advanced

  5. Ali Reza Nikkhah says

    Non of the major tv on this, not good at all

  6. Joel J. Garcia says

    Where are you displaying/streaming this on this video? I'm sorry I get mad when subs start asking questions about a video you guys upload; and there at the beginning/middle or end of the video is answer and they get lazy, but I guess I'm being that guy now… Lol… Is this streaming on a PC running Windows, or is it a PC and you are streaming via emulator? I know you said you can install in on a fire stick, I got that. I would like to run it on my PC without a simulator. Went the emulator route and it's seems very buggy, and doesn't look anything like what you are displaying on screen. I subbed because I've checked out enough of your vids, but please see if you can help me out, thanks.

  7. Valvita Thomas says

    How do I get this on a Roku

  8. JAMES OWENS says

    Thx my man love the "wrasslin" channel. lol

  9. Don March says

    The TV guide is really nice, lack of channels not so much but it's free!

  10. mike s says

    Pluto is great. Works very well. Been using it since i bought my shield

  11. Milagros Mendez says

    Did not know about this app, Thanks for sharing this Triple M liked and shared.??

  12. Garry Michaels says

    Hey Triple M, tried Pluto TV on my new Matricom Gbox Q3, but when I loaded it from Google Play and when I clicked on PlutoTV, it would just go to a channel and play and I couldn't get to the menu. I tried to uninstall and reinstall it and still got the same issue. I was using the Rii wireless keyboard and if I clicked escape it would just take me out of Pluto TV. Any suggestions?

  13. 2004lamborghini says

    Did u just do a video on Pluto app ??? Really ???

  14. Miss Collins Collins says

    I like the set tv

  15. Charles Arnold says

    How do you get MTV live bet or vh1 on mobdro or any other way

  16. Andrea Robinson says

    Great!!! First time hearing about this app. Thanks for the video.

  17. Mark Caves says

    Thanks for this app all the movies are HD very good content a great companion love the MST3K & Riff trax thanks ?

  18. Troy James says

    Dope apk mmm

  19. Nancy Brown says

    Nice app thank you for all you do

  20. Jackie Cargo says

    Thank You So Much I appreciate all that you do

  21. Isaac Gomez says

    Great job thank you

  22. Alfonzo Walton says

    I'm entered

  23. Amberlodge1 says

    Where can I get the apk?

  24. No Muzzies Allowed says

    This isn't available in Canada, is there another link?

  25. Carmadean Carmadean says

    Hi Triple M
    I have a question. I just installed Pluto TV, but when I went to activate and put in a password, I noticed that the channel and remote and everything is on my iPhone. My question is how did you get it on your fire stick I have to go through my phone in order to look at channels, change channels etc.

  26. Rudy Lopez says

    The TV guide is really nice, lack of channels not so much but it's free!

  27. Eamon G Fearon says

    Emmm that app only works USA users doesn’t work in the UK I had to search on google for the app installed it and it doesn’t work it keeps popping up saying please check your network settings

  28. Jeremy Spencer says

    Cant seem to find the app on the play store in the uk

  29. Jackie Cargo says

    can you please tell me can i put ipvn on all device or does that mean i have to purchase for each device please let me know

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