You can get it off the repo

And if you have problems until he fix it in the repo like I shown, you can download it directly from this link

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Best Regards

Husham Memar .


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. #teamhusham

Please watch: “BEST Build Kodi 18 Leia 2018 – Husham Batman Build”


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  1. gary fosberg says

    any ideas why this keeps booting me out after 30 seconds on all channels

  2. Ib Ba says

    Works perfect

  3. Ib Ba says

    Works perfect

  4. Yves Charlemagne says

    Husham, lately whenever I do install from zip, my g-box stops & freezes for some reason. I am running latest version of Kodi 15 . Why is it doing that? What should I do? Need your help brother

  5. Aneil Knights says

    It works great but Trinidad channels dont work. It has the name of the channels but none work. Please fix

  6. tyrone springer says

    when i try to install gul live it says fail to install a dependency

  7. Ray Walker says

    5.79 works ok for me great job Husham

  8. Andrew Hunt says

    Nothing working…….Sad face

  9. Ali Khalid says

    sky movies aren't working.

  10. Mike James says

    Thanks man, for another Home Run!!

  11. Tricia C says

    hi is there anyway to fix the slow mo play back on kodi 15 it's rather annoying

  12. kOca says

    Hi! I've just installed your repo and everything's fine but one thing. URL resolver won't update no matter how many times I click on it and notification keeps popping up every 2 minutes, quite annoying. Any way to update it manually? Any fix? 🙂

  13. Andy Bonser says

    husham your the man can you please do a review of the top shadow builds please

  14. alvaro aguilar says

    Thanks husham keep up the good work.

  15. Kelvin Clark says

    Hello Husham, im having problems with total revolution and the installer not show me community builds or login info . please help.

  16. harry harris says

    just downloaded it & its the 5.79 version no problems works great

  17. alvaro aguilar says

    hey husham why isn't the 4k UHD not working?

  18. Enes Taş says

    Spas 🙂

  19. joe black says

    hope this stays working for more than a day lol most these new add ons I've been adding stop working a day or 2 after

  20. jamest says

    Top guide as always. Thanks

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