How To Install Exodus On Kodi 17.6 NEW METHOD!!

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  1. Trey Moore says

    I can't read wat to type in it's blurry

  2. Devan Williams says

    I have Kodi 17.6 Krypton and it’s nothing like I’ve seen yet on YouTube. It’s really annoying and hard to navigate. I don’t see add on or downloaded within the Kodi menu. Ugh

  3. adam robinson says

    guessing it isnt available for the kodi app on xbox

  4. azfar temori says

    the repository isn't listed anymore. that is the old way to download it.

  5. Dammon Lore says

    Exodus is not on the list

  6. Kayla Marie says

    There’s is no repository kodil

  7. CraZZ Miggy says


  8. Christina Ericketts says

    I don't have exodus

  9. Mirror Dog Productions says

    did not work for me. Also, music is distracting.

  10. pokemon master says

    to me it does not

  11. ANDY246ful says

    THANK YOU!!!

  12. Stacy Reed says

    How do I get my Kodi screen like this

  13. Donnie Vick says

    Q1…When I click on install from zip file I get a message saying my settings are turned off. When I turn them on it says warning about various things, pc damage, passwords, personal info, etc. Is it safe to click yes? I figured you must have had to do that since you didn't get the same message.

    Question 2 if I click on install from repository, can I choose any of those listed for download? thanks, very new to this stuff and appreciate your help.

  14. 1compaqedr8 says

    The repository he shows isn't listed

  15. Form Officer says

    Waste of fucking time doesn't even have that zip

  16. Renzo Speaks says

    i dont see the .Kodil one

  17. Lauren Moody says

    How do I get to the screen you started with? I can't figure how to get to your starting point.

  18. Amber Grant says

    I dont have the kodil file at all

  19. Thomas Griffis says

    There is no KODIL anything

  20. George Seward says

    The file hes pointing to is not in the list that comes up anymore. he needs to take video down or update it.

  21. ambersvids1 says

    Hi there, repository kodi doesn't come up on my end 🙁

  22. FR7IMI says

    the repository.kodil does not show up on the list anymore

  23. billc6955 says

    Thanks ….worked perfectly

  24. L Silk says

    not in the list? at 2:00mins

  25. Derrick Price says

    I don't have that in my zip file what do I do from there

  26. wsuptrick says

    How do I get that to that first kodi screen where I click settings??

  27. Tayla Sturzaker says

    repository-kodil-1.1 zip does not come up for me! no respository-kodil zip comes up ?

  28. Gaby Martinez says

    It doesn’t show it

  29. buttacudawey says

    Mine doesn't say kodill and it's pausing so I can't hear what u said.. I'm so there something else I can press on. Been trying for 2 days.

  30. Rachel Preston says

    I do not see kodil1.3 listed 😔

  31. Jose V. says

    NO repository.kodi anything, It is gone???

  32. LateNite says

    how do i get to the first screen you are showing ?

  33. Rena Ardoin says

    So every time I try to download exodus it says failed to install a dependency, can you help me?

  34. Cait Coyle says

    No kodil 1.1 or any other???  why?

  35. Scary Nights says

    i only get 18 items when i open the zip file and none of them have 1.3 or 1.1

  36. Majdy Khrais says

    I can't find the kodi1-1 in the list!

  37. tunabaitfishy says

    u da man

  38. aivars udris says

    Thanks. One that works

  39. Lxrd Scar says

    All thanks bro helped me a lot 👍

  40. KieChronos says

    Thanks dude!

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