How to Install Exodus on Kodi 2017 (The Last Exodus Update)

This video will teach you how to install exodus on Kodi 17.3 and has updated instructions from august 2017. This is the last ever Exodus update as far as we know, and I was not planning on making this video because I am trying to branch my youtube channel off into different fields of technology and such, but because there was so much demand for this I am doing it for you guys.

Remember if exodus isn’t working anymore (which is bound to happen) there are other alternatives add ons for Kodi that are very similar, I recommend:

-Steam all Sources
(Youtube search tutorials for one of these add ons if this tutorial ever stops working for you)

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  1. Mirror Dog Productions says

    did not work and steam all sources was also NOT there!

  2. Courtney Bilyeu says

    Exodus is not a choice under add-ons/Video add-ons 😢

  3. chris smith says

    What if you dont see exodus but everything worked so far before

  4. Bobby Budnick says

    Can you use kodi 7.6 or you have to use kodi 7.3 to make it work???

  5. misstee0712 says

    Exodus isn’t on there as of Feb 26,2018

  6. justin khairallah says

    I don't see exodus ?

  7. Nicolette Fortune says

    clicked cyphers locker and now theres just a wheel that keeps turning.

  8. Missy Kayne says

    How do I reset my mxq2 box

  9. aman balgobin says

    hi , i did not get EXODUS on my mobile , what i have to do?

  10. Scream Cafe with Grobeck says

    How do you get to this page

  11. Assata Coston says

    Does not work

  12. Adele Gibson says

    no option??????

  13. LOMBADA says

    David I love your style!! No BS stories about your dog, no stories about your vacation, & you actually speak ENGLISH!! ALL THAT YOU DID IN 4.5 MIN. Hats off to you thanks!!

  14. Tony M says

    the Zip file never downloaded. All I get is the Repo file header & root. My internet is connected. I've tried on several computers, it does not download.

  15. Mohini Gajadhar says

    My cypher is empty. Nothing in folder.

  16. Girish Ahuja says

    on 12 Jan 2018 – this tutorial does not work

  17. Shay C says

    What else could be done , if exodus no longer is available nor the other you suggested ?

  18. J.J. Mendoza says

    This was awesome until I didn’t have exodus or stream all sources. Do I choose utube?

  19. boogie lee says

    Burrrrr!! It’s Gucci. If he was white

  20. Almero says

    07 jan 2018,, not working anymore. stream all sources is also gone.

  21. Johnny Enright says

    WHY can I not get to the menu in the beginning?… Ever since the update WTF is that menu and why did it disappear? Or start the video from fire stick home because I cannot get to that FUCKIN menu!,,

  22. Funnybullray OFFICIAL says

    I dont see xodus there

  23. Janice Alley says

    Can't get Stream all sources OR Exodus

  24. Shakeina Carlton says

    I didn’t see Exdious to download it

  25. Mr O Mr O says

    exodus not on this repo ?

  26. Brovo squad says

    it doesn't work 12/29/17

  27. Yadi Cort says

    do I have to sign in into with my email address to bring able to opened

  28. Yadi Cort says

    do I have to sign in into with my email address to bring able to opened

  29. petlover 432 says

    Both exodus and stream all sources is not appearing

  30. crys abidin says

    Followed up all the way until Exodus…that and stream wasn't there:-(

  31. Bob .Stenson says

    28th December Exodus not there!!!

  32. Kevin Del Fante says

    exodus not there

  33. James Knowlen says

    No exodus on here

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