How To Install Exodus on Kodi on Any Android Phone

Exodus Repo Link
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  1. megohu eleven says

    this helped me so much! my only critique is i had to pause and rewind a lot cause you went very fast. but otherwise thank you, using this video i got it done!

  2. Teresa De Chazal says

    Slow down please! Way tooooooo fast

  3. Cory Reagan says

    My shit just freezes every time I put the info in

  4. razorbackfan says

    So after everyone letting you know it was way to fast… Your not redoing it?

  5. Antoinette Bruce says

    after I put the name as. fusion it doesn't let me add it on zip line it says network not connected

  6. Mike Prokop says

    You fucking suck ur way to god damn fast for people who don't know what there doing

  7. Dallas mcgill says

    Slow the instructional waaaaayyyyy the f**k down!!!!

  8. 我是龙Jay says

    Going too fast to even see wtf you are doing. learn how to make videos

  9. Charactor says

    To damn fast!!!!! :d

  10. - JimmyTubeHD says

    It never worked I hate this disliking

  11. Pepi Os says

    You should go little faster brother, that was to slow, WTF

  12. Victoria Blackwell says

    Okay so when you go into add on settings and agree to allow access, isn't that going to open you up to lots of hacking attempts?

  13. Omar Garcia Vazquez says

    Hello tacoz0722
    I'm trying to install Exodus in my cellphone with Android 6.0, moreover it has installed kodi 17.6, but I'm stuck at this point, when type the link of fusion source and the name and clicked ok, appears the next message "couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being conected. Would you like to add it anyway"

    ¿What can I do? This link is enabled yet?, Thanks for your support…

  14. 4daysanko says

    You not a good teacher

  15. iiMioneBubblez says

    On install from zip file I got on it and tap .fusion but nothing happens! Please help.

  16. killer instinct says

    What does it mean when can't connect to network server

  17. cole frazier says

    If it doesn't have it on the app store get it on aptoide

  18. Fabo Švabo says

    my .fusion from zip files wont open what the hell pls help

  19. QueenV says

    Great attempt. However just a few suggestions, turn off notifications when you're shooting a video. Also we can't see what you're trying to tell us to do. You're going so fast with the notifications popping up on the screen, we can't see a cursor so we have no idea where these things are you're telling us to navigate to. I gave up. Looking elsewhere

  20. Mahnoor Nauman says

    Very annoying

  21. TheWorldwideDuck says

    Thanks Really Helped 😅

  22. Jonathan Weaver says

    Anyone notice the xxx file on this kids phone?

  23. Chris Bults says

    Couldn't connect to network server on this one 🙁

  24. taj dominguez says

    Go and pause the video at 1:36😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Master Of Disguise says

    Fuck off Nelson lol

  26. Stephan Knobben says

    Doesn't work 4 me

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