New install video for Exodus

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  1. Paolo Costales says

    thank you for this

  2. Geri nonya says

    Didn't work at the part 8.58 in tried to click tknorris but it said can't connect to repository

  3. oHANDSOMEo says

    I'm stuck @ 8:44 when I click on tknorris Release Repository it says "Could not connect to repository." What do I do?

  4. DivineMs V says

    I've seen about 5 How To videos and every tutorial has a different http…why is that? Is this link tied to a developer's site?

  5. Bob Van West says

    I checked everything a couple of times to make sure I had the http correct, I did but EXEDOUS did not show up.

  6. BrickcityBarbie says

    Keep getting installation failed

  7. Libby Bowerman says

    I am getting “could not connect to repository” help!

  8. jose luis Talavera says

    It doesn't work on my S8…

  9. O G says

    This shit didn’t work!

  10. TITAN 7 says

    Thanks so much, you were the only one that actually worked. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

  11. truthnlogic reigns says


  12. Rampage 19 says

    This does not show how to install exodus at all it only shows hows to install movie's from exodus

  13. pat weber says


  14. Chitown ShaSha says

    My Exodus is acting up. I'm hoping this will fix it. I just updated it but I still can not watch some shows without manually searching for them

  15. Brad B says

    Nice video it installed fine. How do you get to the Exodus menu? It is installed but I have the regular Kodi menu I don't see a newskin to apply.

  16. chaotic_shadow says

    Thanks this really worked.

  17. TheGeneric1 says

    I've been watching other YouTube videos and following their instructions trying to install Exodus on my new laptop for 3 hours. I was about to give up, but then I finally came across this video, followed the instructions step by step and to my surprise…..IT WORKED. THIS SHIT ACTUALLY WORKS

    …..good job on the video, man and thanks.

  18. Devlyn Williams says

    Thank you

  19. Daniel Roberts says

    Thx dude

  20. Audrey Harris says

    is there an option to not have updates installed automatically? some of the updates that I had completely screwed with my Exodus before and I am afraid that will happen again. Appreciate this video and the help

  21. johnn mandende says

    Thanks so much…didn't know why it wasn't working… and then bam! came across your video. You made my day.So grateful…..Keep it up…

  22. IstyHD says

    Thanks so much. Slasher season 2 guilt party wasn't on netflix in the UK so I watched it on here


    Keep getting the feedback "fail to install" from the zip file 🙁 any advice?

  24. Dean says

    thank you

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