How to install EXODUS REBORN addon for kodi and android boxes, This kodi addon works in PC and Android devices, the video shows how to install from repo and builds. how to install install setup and if required any adjustments to fix the addons are included. free accounts you might need are discussed. by configuring an addon you can stop buffering reduce freezing, why wait for it to break when you can fix it before it has a problem. works on Windows Android Mac iOS and the Fire TV devices ex. Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV HD FOR KODI KRYPTON 17-17.4. ANDROID, iOS PC 2017

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  1. Costa RF says

    It is not connecting to freeworld repository.

  2. Doris Sikora says

    hey Mitch, which providers do I need to get rid of?? thanks so much

  3. Jaren McKnight says

    Is there a newer version? Says it cannot connect to repository when I click " world kodi repository"

  4. Marney Smithies says

    is this working anymore or is there a new place to get Exodus Reborn?

  5. Jonathan Mellon says

    freeworld repo not there anymore… rip dreams.

  6. Tasha Clark says

    could not connect to the respiratory for freeworld kodi I followed every step 😞

  7. xXxBIGBEAR400xXx says

    I’ve watched 3 of these videos and none work so far?

  8. Greg Freyre says

    Mitch, for some reason crazy MazeYs could no connect to repo.( fail to install dependency)

  9. rcadmay says

    I did everything you said but when I go to install from repository, I click on crazyMazeys then a box pops up & says "Could not connect to repository. what should I do?

  10. Adam Meah says


  11. lessthn0 says

    Could not connect to repository. Yes, I looked for typos / errors.

  12. Michael Mccullough says

    Not working now

  13. Calvin says

    Hey, I couldn’t connect to Crazymazeys. I don’t know what to do.

  14. Vania Estanek says

    Mitch, thanks for post it but I tried but i'm not getting. I am connect to the internet but after click ok and back to wizard it's empty. Any other clue??? Thanks!

  15. AlexMcCoyChannel says

    At 9:08 when you have us click on crazymazeys I get a pop up saying could not connect to repository I’m not sure what to do at this point

  16. Mario Rebollo says

    Thank you so much, god bless you!

  17. Witeaynjil says

    Since CrazyMazeys isn't connecting, I went into the freeworld repository and they have Exodus but it's a different version number. Does this mean that if I didn't get the v 6.6.6 from Cmazeys then there's no way to get it?

  18. Frank Katich says

    I just tried this but it says crazy mazy repo not able to connect

  19. Charles McHaley says

    Do I need to uninstall mmy other exodus for the correct exodus in this video to work? My version is a 4

  20. Lynette Loves says

    Found Exodus but not version 6.6.6…can only find 4.1.07 and it only works for me by using "People Watching" and not by Year, Genre, etc. Any advice?

  21. Aileen Bennett says

    Crazy mazeys repo will not connect so cant install

  22. Platano Power says

    Is there another way to install exodus reborn? I can install the exodus repo from the exodus repo 4.0 but for the last 2 days crazymazeys server has not been working. I also managed to install rebirth which apparently is a new version of exodus but I REALLY wanted to try that 6.6 version 🤔

  23. Rob Presario says

    Link must be dead

  24. Jay Sanford says

    Source is no longer working. Is there another repo

  25. Bryan Love says

    not working failed to install

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