How To Open & Play M3U File Online – Best IPTV M3U Player [BEGINNER’S TUTORIAL]

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In this video we will see how to play m3u file in vlc media player. What is m3u file or extension? M3u is not actual video or audio file it simply contains address of media file like url or list. Most m3u format files are playlist of streams(like http live streaming/network stream for example HLS, HTML video streams) so you will need active internet connection for this to work(for example popular internet tv box kodi also uses internet and this type of list). We are going to use VLC Media Player to play file. VLC Media Player is available for free online for Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1,Windows 10,Windows Phone,Windows Server includes all 32bit and 64bit Version ) Mac OS X, iOS(iPhone,iPad), Apple TV,GNU/Linux( Debian,Ubuntu((Ubuntu 16.10,16.10 (64-bit) ,16.10 (32-bit) , 16.10 Server (64-bit),16.10 Server (32-bit) 16.04.2 LTS,16.04.2 (64-bit) ,16.04.2 (32-bit) ,16.04.2 Server(64-bit) ,16.04.2 Server(32-bit) 14.04.5 LTS,14.04.5 (64-bit) ,14.04.5 (32-bit) , 14.04.5 Server (64-bit) ,14.04.5 Server (32-bit),Mint,openSUSE,Gentoo Linux,Fedora,Arch Linux,Slackware Linux,ALT Linux,Red Hat Enterprise Linux)Android, Chrome OS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, QNX, Syllable, OS/2 to download. You can also play and generate m3u files using vlc media player as new channels appear every year(for example year 2017 has more channels than 2016). Does vlc play m3u file you ask? yes! Playing m3u file is easy just open vlc media player go to playlist and drag your m3u file. You can select any channel or stream after you load m3u file. You can download or buy updated/latest/newest and best m3u list file very easily online there are also free m3u channel list(sky,espn,ss and more) to download (iptv is one of popular channel list). Turn off repeat and random button if you are having problems with channel playback or links are not working properly.

Follow these simple steps to play m3u file in vlc player
1) Open VLC player
2) Click on view
3) Click on playlist
4) Right click on media source
5) Click add file
6) Select M3U file
7) Click open
8) Right click on m3u file
9) Click play
10) Click Stop (otherwise vlc will play first channel from list)
11) Right click on any channel
12) Click play
13) Click stop if you want to change channel
14) turn off repeat and random button if you are having problems with channel playback
Done! you just played m3u file in VLC.

VLC Media Player App Android APK (Google Play Store)

VLC Media Player App iOS (Apple App Store or iTunes)

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