IS EXODUS BACK on kodi 17.5 ? – Brand new scraper add-on (2017)

EXODUS IS BACK on kodi 17.5 – Brand new scraper add-on

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if you loved exodus on kodi 16.1 – 17.4 you will love this new scraper add-on on kodi 17.5 which is just like if not better than the old exodus

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  1. Angel Cee says

    This shit didn’t work!

  2. Tmzeena G says

    Exodus sucks dick!! every single TV show I try to watch it tells me there's no stream so i cant watch ANY

  3. Todd P says

    didn’t work, got a couldn’t connect to server message

  4. Laura Alice says

    this isnt popping up for me to install from zip it has d media but when i click it i just have a folder with … beside it and tonight gruzil stopped working for me n i have 17.6 do u know anything for 17.6 i love being able to catch up on my tv shows only really use it for that

  5. Pablo Andrade says

    I haven't been able to add anything to my Kodi
    Keeps giving me an error

  6. Darius Mims says

    bro get to the point!!!!

  7. FireRes33cue says

    This video is miss leading at first i downloaded it and it not playing the tv show i want this add on sucks

  8. nohea-ikaika Raquedan says

    I keep getting a pop up on kodi.
    Openload stream authorization
    To play this video authorization is required visit the link below to authorize the device on my network. then click pair.

    How do i get rid of this pls help

  9. Dana's Son says

    Whats the best mma addon

  10. verne612 says

    just added Myriad but i get an unauthorized message when trying to play a movie

  11. Dave Stemp says

    when I hit install MYIAD the popup sail failed to install dependency. Any ideas?

  12. Fiilus says

    Hey, trying to install but what's up with this warning?

    ""For security, installation of add-ons from unknown sources is disabled""

    When I try to authorize it says ""add-ons will be given access to personal data on this computer. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behaviour, or damage to your device. Proceed?"


  13. TRULYMORTAL says

    Finally!! I can watch Cougar Town in HD. Thank you! All the different versions of Exodus out there suck anymore. Cheers!

  14. Infidel305 says

    repository not opening after zip installs

  15. claire hardy says

    Thanks worked great

  16. Henrik Loos says

    Thanks man subscribed

  17. Marquis Price says

    You talk too much nigga

  18. Lucy Vince says

    When i go to open an episode i click on one of the things that come up and it doesn’t take me to watch it, what do i do?

  19. WeeDKill420 says

    Wow Nevermind it's back to working

  20. WeeDKill420 says

    Lmao nice try Mate

  21. WeeDKill420 says

    Not Working

  22. C Pat says

    Perfect thanks

  23. Dj Fridge Uk says

    Exodus didnt go nowhere stop using Exodus to promote other Add ons, Exodus is reliable & the best

  24. Ebony Dyson says

    FINALLY something that works!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  25. Charlie Widener says

    It won't let me install it, says install failed

  26. scalezi says

    lost the plot doc

  27. jabs8345 says

    Everything seems to have installed fine but when I'm trying to play a movie it says "One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message." What does this mean?

  28. big herb says

    It says failed to install dependency after trying to install from repository 😩

  29. Lawrence Hudlin says

    Doc why are you saying it WAS just like exodus. I watched a movie just lastnight on exodus. Your talking like its been gone ages… even TV addons are starting to push messages through kodi about how good they are coming back… but anyway nice addon but for now i have a good few.

  30. Bull&Skones says

    Yep, had Exodus back for a while now….its good, always has been b4 it temporarily went down, its Covenants big brother….Just found MYRIAD in my dandymedia repo….how I missed it I'll never know….thank-u for the heads-up Doc….

  31. Rob warbrick says

    Good so far

  32. Mike Jones says

    Dude you talk way too much , just get to the point

  33. Stephen G says

    To answer your question no it isn't.
    This is also tied to alluc so turn down the number of links it scrapes or you'll soon go through the 200 per day limit alluc now sets.

  34. Chris Cummings says

    Beard looking good, Doc.

  35. Froggylover 60 says

    Doc, when are you going to get your award from you tube? Well deserved. Love Squiffy kids!

  36. icecold says

    Can not hear bring the mic more to u

  37. Andrew O'Brien says

    Better than or the same as Covenant ?

  38. kalis palis says

    solo man is scum

  39. John Quinn says

    Hey guys give the lad a break,he's just trying to help us all,take it for what it is.Cheers Doc,thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  40. Blue_Angel says

    Covenant has been working great and pretty much is Exodus.

  41. stephen hobbs says

    There's only one tv and movie add-on that you need for kodi and that is covenant and if you have a real debrid account it's even better

  42. Michael Calabrese says

    Never mind ,got it to work .
    Definitely not Exodus.

  43. Michael Calabrese says

    Not working

  44. poolking36 says

    Keeps saying error check log for information, and I have already updated the 17.5.1 error fix …. any suggestions pal ?

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